Let’s face it: in our day-to-day routines, we often get lost in the mundane, don’t we? Routine brings comfort, but it can also bring stagnation.

Today on the podcast, I invite you to join me as we consider practical ways to stay fully engaged in our lives. Seeking full engagement means we don’t let ourselves fall prey to stagnation.

I’ll share with you a story about a client I’ve been working with who felt passionless in her career, in her marriage, in her social life… and the discoveries we made together to help her rediscover that passion and to practice higher engagement in all areas.

It’s never too late to make change happen. When we ignite one area of our lives with passion, it usually ignites all the others. Let’s try to find a way to be fully engaged. It’s passion that fuels and sustains us.

I’ll share with you three tips about how to stay engaged in your life, and we’ll talk about how engagement is a practice, and what you practice is what flourishes.

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