For many reasons, I’ll admit that January, despite my best efforts to launch into the new year with enthusiasm, has felt slow to me—a place where I am in a bit of limbo. I’ve got a book proposal out and am eagerly awaiting news from publishers. I have various projects and personal pursuits in various stages of uncertainty. And I hate to admit it, but this has all taken a toll. Waiting patiently has never been my strong suit.

So, what has felt like a false start to the year hasn’t done much to motivate me or launch me—and to make matters worse, the weather has been dark, rainy and gloomy too.

The truth is, what I’m trying to expose here is that I’m no different than you. I must remind myself to practice life the way I want to live it—even though at the moment, Netflix has my attention over the stacks of books next to my bed. (I might as well admit that I’m dating Netflix—Every series is so darned good!)

Let’s face it, we don’t wake up every day feeling our best. Some of the time we are frustrated, or we may feel sad, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend our entire lives in a place that is “blah, blah, blah.” Thankfully, adopting a “put your best foot forward” attitude makes it possible for every day to improve. But I know life isn’t always that simple, so here’s how I like to think about it.

Attitude is everything, and it is key to manifesting the joy you will experience every day, which feeds the contributions you will make to your family, friends and co-workers…so I remind myself as I am sharing with you!

Here’s how I restore my attitude when I’m not at my best:

  • I wake up and do a full check on how I’m feeling and immediately make a note of shifting my attention to having an attitude of gratitude. I say a prayer of thanks for this coming day, and then I go inward to meditate for anywhere from 5-20 minutes using deep breathing and repeating any number of mantras. One I might use: “Do your best let go of the rest.” or “I surrender, I receive.” Or, “I love my life.”
  • I will watch a mindPT session for three minutes to prime myself for a better day. I’ve been sharing this cutting edge technology app with you for a couple of years now, and it’s mind blowing to say the least! (To find out more check it out here.
  • I will allow myself the time to exercise for at least half an hour every day, which always improves my attitude, giving me higher focus power. Movement in my body helps me motivate and move forward on those days I feel sluggishly slow.
  • I change things up! Small changes are good to spark up new neuro transmitters in my brain and help me to engage in all areas.

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