I am honored to be good friends with Rich Dutra and Yvonne Saint John—the founders of Challenge Day. They are two of the most generous people I know, and most years I have been an active fundraiser with them for their global teen violence prevention program: Challenge Day.

Recently, I opened my home for an annual fundraiser where we invited a group of 100 supporters and about fifty of those show up personally for the event. The last two years the event has raised an average of $100,000.

I do “the ask” at the event, and I set the goal to being generous.

I share:

“I have found that the greatest gift of abundance is the ability to act in the most generous capacity in every decision I make.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I say “No, thank you,” to many invitations, however, when I’m a “yes, that’s easy,” I make it a point to be as generous as I can be in all respects. My heart (and my pocketbook) is especially generous to the nonprofits that serve our youth.

Generosity breeds abundance.

At first reflection, the world is our playground, and we think of all that we have in our material lives as what it means to have abundance. But real abundance comes with a deeper perspective of a generous heart and spirit that far surpasses the illusive material world… It’s the number one principle of attracting what you most deeply desire—first offering it to receive it.

It is the greatest privilege of having any level of wealth–the ability to be generous.

I’ve seen this over and over in many of my successful friends. The one thing they all have in common is that they go out of their way to make sure the other is having the best experience possible. They always have–even before they became successful on paper. It’s perhaps the easiest way to interpret there is no separation in the joy we are able to give and that which we receive when we give. The gift is the same and generosity becomes a gift to all.

The other day, however, as I attended a live “free” concert in San Francisco; I was shocked to see how many people did not give a suggested donation of $10. I looked around and clearly the majority of the crowd could afford to but did not reach into their pockets to support the venue and the artists playing. It always surprises me that much of the world still misses the important opportunity to give at every turn and how that simple gesture is one of lack and not one of creating abundance. I decided to double my own donation.

As you choose to be generous with your heart, your time, and your resources, you will be living your most vibrant life.

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