In my own discomfort and feelings of unraveling grief as I watch the devastation of my neighboring community of Sonoma County engulfed in flames, I turned to Joel S. Goldsmith for inspiration: Awakening Mystical Consciousness.

On this morning of the second day of the worst fire in Sonoma county—I am feeling so saddened that there are so many people suffering such heartbreak and loss. Ravaged by fire, so much beauty has been destroyed, and so many families are misplaced and uncertain about their future—when just Sunday it was nothing more than a gorgeous day in a place that has always been a small corner of heaven on Earth.

As I turn the pages of Goldsmith’s wisdom, given that I just finished my new book: From Heartbreak to Wholeness: the hero’s journey to joy, I realize more than ever the importance of holding onto hope right now. While all of these trials and tribulations happen, from storm to storm, whether it be one of gunshot, waves, fire or hurricane, I want to remind you that we are not at the effect of our circumstances. No matter what they look like on the outside, we can always choose the higher road of resilience and strength. Right now, it is our compassion, understanding, and prayers that will help as each of us become a beacon of light for others who are facing a truly difficult and challenging time. I am here, as you are, to inspire a higher frequency in humanity. All of the beauty that is untouched by fire resides in each of us as we hold the frequency of love—no matter what befalls us individually or as a community.

It has never done anyone any good to become part of the fear-based panic and hysteria that can happen when so many catastrophes point to the dark night of the soul for humanity. Instead, we are likely meant to be reminded of the illusion of the material world, the sanctity of the human heart, and that love will prevail as we commit to holding compassionate vibes for all of humanity right now.

We are meant to come together as a world right now.

And yet, in line at Whole Foods today, I overheard a woman say, “I think the world is coming to an end.” That communication of such an extreme loss of hope stopped me.

Our individual circumstances can be tough, our community will face trials—whether calamity from nature or from the acts of one soul who has strayed from love into hatred, resulting in violence, as recently seen in the horrific events in Las Vegas.

As we allow God to dwell within our very hearts and souls and we are steadfast in our commitment to be instruments of service to the divine, each of us can be a lightning rod of energy that allows the very source of spirit to be evidence of grace on this Earth. You can be the light in the darkness amidst the ashes of the ever burning fire, returning all things material to the Earth. What always remains is the light and love of “you”—no matter what.

Please hear this call from spirit to hold the frequency of love and be the hero right now because the world needs heroes—not victims. The evidence suggests that we are victimized, but we are called to rise above this illusion. We can’t always choose the what, but we can choose the how we move forward.

I will be praying for the firefighters and all the earthly angels that are acting as heros for others right now; I am holding onto the vision of hope. Won’t you please join me?