Today is the final episode in my Practicing Happiness podcast series, and I’m so pleased to host Kim Serafini on the show. Kim is an expert in positive psychology and neuroscience, as well as a speaker, entrepreneur, and the creator of MindPT.

Join us in this episode to learn about the concept of positively priming the brain–a perfect way to start the new year. This idea has risen out of the fields of brain science and positive psychology, and it’s an important new topic as we consider the science of practicing happiness.

We’ll talk about the ways that we can expose our brains to certain beautiful imagery or happy thoughts in order to positively prime it. The result is physiological, and modern science has proven the massive brain benefits. In positive priming, a number of feel-good chemicals flow, and our brain is lit up in the areas that produce higher creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness.

There are specific activities we can do daily that create this positive priming effect–such as journaling gratitude or meditation–that allow us to experience deeper levels of peace and happiness each day.

Kim will tell us about her new technology, MindPT, designed specifically to be easy access to positive priming tools. As she shares on the podcast, you can find the free MindPT session she’s offering by searching for the app in the Google or Apple store, downloading it, setting up an account, and then using the code practice when prompted for a referral code. It’s an amazing gift that I hope you’ll take advantage of in this new year.

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