Did you know that humor can be a tool for healing and a way to practice happiness?

As we continue in the Practicing Happiness podcast series, I’m delighted to welcome the ever-humorous Karen Salmansohn. Karen is a bestselling author and happiness thought-leader whose influence is widespread. She’s known for creating “self-help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self-help.”

Join us today on the podcast as Karen and I discuss the beauty of humor (along with a hilarious anecdote about Karen’s friendship with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart), as well as practical ways to be informed about tough things (internally and externally) and allow ourselves to feel sadness–while not being overwhelmed by it.

There a million ways to interpret any given situation, and each person has a choice in how they interpret the world. Happy people choose one interpretation; grumpy people choose another. Karen talks to us about this vital choice and the ways that the words “never” and “always” can be very dangerous.

We’ll discuss the benefits of happiness on our health and our ability to heal, as well as laugh a lot along the way. It would be a joy to have you listen in!

(Karen can be found at notsalmon.com — and be sure to check out Do It, her new program for battling emotional eating.)

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