Today on the podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Debbie Phillips.

Debbie is the inspiring founder of Women on Fire, a membership community of women living their dreams, and a pioneer in the field of Executive Life Coaching. Don’t Sweat the Small became Debbie’s best teaching companion in the new field of coaching. She is the author of several award-winning books including 20 Inspiring Women Share their Life Secrets (and Save you years of struggle!) Volumes 1 and 2. We’ll chat all about her application of Don’t Sweat wisdom in her teaching.

Together, Debbie and I chat about everything from how she felt about meeting Richard at a book signing to how millennials could benefit from the Don’t Sweat wisdom. We delve into the idea of craving happiness, and how this series can continue to satisfy that craving for years to come. The truth is, no matter how much our day to day lives have changed over the years, our basic needs have stayed the same.

It’s really amazing that our Don’t Sweat books continues to provide support and wisdom and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

As technology continues to change and shape the way we communicate with one another, it’s been amazing to see the ways we’ve been able to adapt our brand to keep up. We’ve been very active on Facebook and have recently been working to build our beautiful Instagram account. Through each social media channel, we provide wisdom in bite-sized chunks to reach readers right where they are. Who knows, maybe there is a budding Debbie Phillips out there who will take note and share these lessons proudly.

Will you join me on the podcast?

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