I started practicing Transcendental Meditation a couple of years ago after going through some post-traumatic stress and I was shocked at the simplicity of it.

Today on the podcast, Bob Roth, author and expert in Transcendental Meditation, is sharing his knowledge and wisdom on all things TM.

What’s the history of Transcendental Meditation?

What makes it different from other forms of meditation?

Bob answers these questions and I was fascinated by some of the things I learned from Bob–things I never knew about TM. I was especially blown away by the insight he had to share about meditation and health. I cannot wait for you guys to listen in.

Bob also does a ton of work with inner city schools and has helped to implement “quiet time” for schools across the country. The amount of stress and anxiety that children deal with today is so severe, and the results they’ve seen from adding meditation to their school day is not only inspiring, but transformational.

You will learn so much from hearing from Bob Roth today. I hope you’ll join us for our last episode in the Meditation & Mindfulness series!

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