Today on the podcast, I’m reflecting on the new year, and what an exciting opportunity it presents us with.

There’s something so revitalizing about getting the chance to stop, take stock, and move forward with a renewed sense of motivation and passion. A new year is the perfect jumping off point to launch a new you and fire up for what’s to come.

Doesn’t that very idea stir something inside you?

Join me in banishing the old way of making resolutions based on the things we don’t like about ourselves. Instead, let me walk you through the questions I ask myself to really dig into who I am, where I am, and what my goals are. Let me help you discover how you can approach the new year from a place of positivity, hope, and happiness, ultimately replacing any shred of self-loathing with the glorious gift of gratitude.

Will you listen in to the podcast with me and uncover the incredible launching power of 2017?

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