21 Days of Grieving with Grace

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"Mrs. Carlson, your husband has expired."

- ER Doctor

I understand firsthand that grief is a lonely, uncertain process.

The trauma of loss catapults us into shock and devastation as we’re forced to let go of our future dream and realize that life marches on. And, somehow we must find a way to blindly carry on.

When in grief, even waking up and getting through the day can feel like a monumental challenge.

To offer support through this heartbreaking time, I’ve created a very special program.

I’m here to walk beside you as your companion through healing over 21 days with guidance delivered right to your inbox.
In 2006, the sudden and tragic loss of my late husband, Dr. Richard Carlson, sent me into a spiral of immobilizing grief.
We shared a beautiful marriage, two incredible daughters, and an amazing life. Together, we co-authored the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book series, which has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide.
At 43, I lost my life partner and became a single mom. Yet, despite everything, I learned how to reconnect with my highest self once again. I rediscovered the inner strength and courage that has since allowed me to heal and experience a new life filled with joy.
I know that you can too. But sometimes you need someone by your side – to offer compassionate and encouraging support! Sometimes it’s tough to deal with grief and hard times alone. Well, thankfully you don’t have to. I’m here to inspire you and be your guide.

When you sign up for
21 Days of Grieving with Grace,
you will receive:

  • 21 different 3-5 minute videos – with me as your guide. Each day – for the next 21 days – I’ll be sharing a new and different transformational insight on grieving with grace.  Plus each of these videos is easy to access and watch on any Smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet.
  • 21 inspiring reflection journaling prompts. Each day – for the next 21 days – you will get a beautifully designed and easy-to-download journal page (in PDF form) – which shares a heart-stirring, thought-provoking writing prompt – to help you clarify your insights.
  • My heartfelt support as your trusted guide + friend – to help you transition through this time.
21 Days Of Grieving With Grace Journal


21 Days of Grieving with Grace Program

I’m offering you this program for only $21.
(Yes, that’s just $1/day – less than a cup of
chamomile tea – and far more soothing).

Plus, best of all, you will have access to these
inspiring videos, beautiful journal pages and
empowering course materials for life.


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Carlsons' books have sold over 25 million copies - and people love their tried and true wisdom. But... Just in case you were wondering – purchasing the 21 Days of Grieving with Grace Program is risk-free. Give it a try. If you find that it’s not a good fit, you can request a refund within 24 hours.