3 Tips for Staying Healthy During a Socially Distant Summer

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3 Tips for Staying Healthy During a Socially Distant Summer

3 Tips for Staying Healthy During a Socially Distant Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to rethink their summer plans. Since a lot of businesses are still closed, it’s very easy for folks to become couch potatoes at home. Here are three tips for staying healthy during a socially distant summer. It’s important for us all to make it our single minded goal to be mindful and to maintain our physical and mental well-being despite all the uncertainty in the air right now.

Have a Well-Balanced Diet

I know that you already know this–so let this be a reminder to you! Maintaining a nutritious diet will always help you feel better overall. Research shows us that when a person eats takeout multiple times a week, they’re putting their long-term health at risk. Also, foods that are saturated in fat and grease affect an individual’s mood lowering their productivity. Anyone who’s been feeling down lately should try shifting into a new gear and making some healthy recipes in the kitchen. A grilled peach salad with clove infused dressing is the perfect summertime dish because it’s incredibly light and savory at the same time. Half of the battle with eating healthy is just finding recipes that taste good enough to eat! Again, a reminder to you that a higher plant based diet of fruits and veggies will add to your elevated mood and get you off that couch!

Develop a Socially Distant Workout Routine

One of the things I’ve been doing is working out on zoom. Three weeks at a time, I’m changing up my workout routine from home. While some gyms around the country are starting to reopen, I personally, don’t want to over expose myself to the virus, so I’m choosing to work out from home. Another great option is to simply utilize the great outdoors. Nature provides us with all of the resources we need–usually, not too far from home. Many parks and trails are open, and with social distancing, a safe alternative. A great hike is also good for your spirit and mental health. As long as folks stay six feet apart from other fitness lovers, there’s no reason you can’t get a great work out in on the beach or trail.

Prioritize Mental Health

We’re living through unprecedented times right now. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed or scared about current events. If you are feeling anxious you may wish to give meditation or yoga a try. These practices can clear your mind and bring them back to focus. Check out my podcast series on meditation and mindfulness here. Another strategy that can improve mental health is unplugging from technology for a bit. The news and social media can be incredibly negative at times. So, staying away from these platforms can help you re-center yourself when needed. We all need a reset and pause from social media now and then and the news is anything but encouraging.

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Anyone who feels their mental and physical health is in jeopardy during this time of isolation should read these tips for staying healthy during a socially distant summer. No one could’ve predicted how stressful this year would be for all of us. We can find our resilience during these challenging times by acknowledging our feelings and adapting to the new normal. This is the way to living our most vibrant lives. This is the way to being happy no matter what!