4 Great Reasons To Donate To Charity

4 Great Reasons To Donate To Charity Blog

4 Great Reasons To Donate To Charity

Around the globe, many worthwhile charities and organizations are doing amazing things to help those in need. One of the best ways to help them further their goals is by donating your time, money, and other resources to support their cause. Giving to a charity of your choice that you believe in will make a difference in your community, and make you feel good about being able to give back. If you are on the fence about donating right now, here are four reasons to consider why you might want to donate to charity.

Express Support

Donating to charity is one of the best ways to show that you support their efforts and initiatives. Many times, people will choose to donate to an organization that is working against an injustice that they have had to overcome. Other times, donations are made to show support to a friend or family member. Last year, my housekeeper became so ill with arthritis she could no longer clean houses. I still send her $100 every few months to show my unsolicited support for her. Whatever motivates you to show your support, donating to anyone can do a lot of good for others and your community.

Educational Value

It is important to teach children from a young age the importance of core values like generosity and empathy. We always sponsored a child through Children’s, Inc. to teach our kids that not all families are the same. Just the mere mention of this in my late husband’s book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff resulted in over fifty thousand sponsorships of children. When kids see how their parents give to a charity, it can show kids that we should care about others and that everybody has value. It’s also a fun activity to research non-profits and the many causes and choose to have a family donation fund that everyone contributes to. It’s important to nurture a child’s natural inclination to help others because it fosters a sense of desire to help those less fortunate than themselves.

A Win-Win

Creating a win-win for yourself and your charity of choice is another motivating factor for giving back. Donations can be seen as a way to get something of value in return for a tax deduction. Depending on the charity or organization, you might be able to write off the value of any monetary or in-kind contribution. Other times, charities will have events like silent auctions, golf outings, and raffles where you can get something for your contribution. Just because the reasons for the donation are not altruistic does not make the donation any less significant.

Declutter Your Home

The final reason to donate to a charity drive is to help declutter and get some of the junk out of your home. Making good use of your overflow stuff that is junk to you is a treasure to someone else. When buying new furniture or appliances, you may be able to arrange a pickup from a local charity for the items you are replacing. Donation is also one of the many ways that you can declutter your home before moving. Research shows that giving is receiving. It always feels good to give something to someone else. And when it comes to spring cleaning or Covid cleaning, it can give you a good feeling to be able to donate to those in need while removing unwanted items at the same time.