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If you’re feeling confused about what is next for you or stuck in the fray of uncertainty, you are likely in a time of transformation.

Transformation literally means to change form. It is what follows a major life change from heartbreak, loss, divorce, illness, career transition, aging, weight gain, hormone changes and the “empty nest” syndrome when the last child leaves home.

Or, transformation can also appear when you’re simply ready to experience growth. You may just wake up and say, “It’s time to do life differently now!”

Inviting Transformation

I know someone who awoke one morning to the idea that it was time to sell everything he owned, to move to a far-away island. He was ready for his time of transformation, and rather than waiting for it to happen, he chose to invite it in.

But if change has come to you, you are likely feeling the washing machine effects of being knocked off your feet!

As you read on, I want you to get to the same place my friend has landed; where you invite transformation to open you to what’s next and how to do your life differently now.

I’ve been through almost every one of these changes; notably heartbreak and loss, hormonal changes and the empty nest – and with each of these changes has come transformation. Like a snake shedding its skin, we become more of who we truly are as we allow ourselves to emerge; changed, as we step into our new life.

Experiencing Joy in Times of Transition

Transformation is messy but doesn’t have to be painful. This is the time for you to opt-out of suffering. Pain can bring us to change, but you can choose not to continue to suffer.

Take it from me – you can be heartbroken-open to a better life.

This time of transition can even be full of joy for you, if you choose it to be so. And the way to embrace a time for transformation is through deep surrender. You may question, “Surrender to what?”

Here’s Where You Begin

You can begin by opening yourself to the idea that these circumstances happened for you; for your healing and for your evolution. Your soul is calling you to grow.

And once you surrender to change, you can choose to even feel excited about it!

The unknown is vast and open to all possibilities. You are standing in front of what is possible for you now at this juncture. Change has brought you to a fork in the road. As you step forward and choose—you will start to see what is in front of you as you embark on a new path.

And what could be more exhilarating than a future full of limitless potential?

Taking a Deep Dive

Stepping forward is the key. What you need to do is take the plunge! Imagine diving off a cliff knowing that you will be safe. The dive feels free. Freedom will be found as you dive into rediscovering who you are now—after this life you’ve lived.

You’ve lost a dream of your future or some part of your identity is shattered. Or, you’re feeling stagnant and you know there’s something more that’s calling to you. You’re right, there is.

The way to step into your future self is through asking your spirit—your soul to take the lead.

Self-Inquiry for Rediscovery

Most people are in search of the answers. But it is the questions you ask that will help you to define what is true for you now.

Who are you after your relationship has ended? Who are you after you recover from a life threatening illness? Who are you after a career you’ve had? Who are you after your kids grow up and leave the nest? Who are you, as a couple, after many years of marriage?

Stepping forward can be really exhilarating. You can move forward with greater confidence by rediscovering your passion, your purpose and what is true for you now.

Transformation means change has knocked at your door to say, it’s your time now. You can become the best version of yourself. You really can do this. You can allow this change to be a catalyst for your soul to lead the way to true fulfillment.

You can absolutely reinvent to live your most vibrant life as you reawaken what’s true for you. I’m here to inspire you and be your guide.

If you’d like to practice what if feels like to step into your truest you, I would love to introduce you to my What Now? 2021 transformational growth program – you can learn more by watching this video!

I’m so happy to be on this journey with you!

Treasure the gifts of life and love,
Xo Kristine