New York Times Bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, and Empathic Guide for Major Life Transitions

Please Meet Kris Carlson

"Who I really am, when all’s said and done, is a woman who knows how to bounce, rock, and roll through all of life’s changes. Good and bad. Light and dark. Perfectly planned and wholly unthinkable."

-Kris Carlson

It’s possible to love your life after profound loss and major change. Kris Carlson knows, because she has lived it. 

Kristine is a survivor. A widow. A mother. A grandmother. A wife. A writer and bestselling author, many times over. An empathic mentor for people navigating that exceptionally urgent and poignant time known as middle age. An inspirational speaker and guide for all who desire to practice happiness, live authentically and connect with their most vibrant selves.

Major life changes and transitions can knock us down and make us forget our own strength, and who we truly are at heart and soul. We don’t sweat the small stuff when we are living the big stuff.   Kris Carlson’s mission is to help women reclaim their identity and live their next chapter  with renewed joy, gratitude, and purpose in the midst of life-altering change. Whatever you’re going through right now, know that she is here for you—to encourage, love, and walk alongside you during this profound and transformative journey as you rediscover who you are now . . .  As you awaken to your highest self.

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"Mrs. Carlson, your husband has expired."

- ER Doctor

Kris Carlson has gone from profound tragedy to a love affair with life

Six heart-shattering words, delivered over the phone, from two doctors she had never met, on the other side of the country—and Kris Carlson’s entire world changed forever.

The sudden and tragic loss of her late husband, Dr. Richard Carlson, sent her into a spiral of immobilizing grief. They shared a beautiful marriage, two incredible daughters, and an amazing life. Together, they co-authored the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  book series, which has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. In a blink, at 43, Kristine lost her best friend and life partner and became a widow and single mom , and her life would never be the same.

Transition and tragedy often go hand in hand, and they have a way of sweeping our strength and resilience out from under us. In spite of everything, Kris learned how to reconnect with her highest self once again, and with the divine love and wisdom that has always been within her. Out of the ashes; her beloved husband’s death somehow breathed new life into her. Shattered, she journaled for two years.  Kris Carlson rediscovered the inner strength and courage—a true grit that has since allowed her to heal and embrace a heart and soul-centered empowered life of real joy. Kris Carlson is having a love affair with life!

That same vibrant, fulfilling, and inspired journey into your soul is possible for you, too. You can rediscover who you are now after the life you’ve lived caring for everyone else.  It’s your time now.