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A reader asked me to write about having the courage to speak one’s truth.  I became curious and questioned the value of “speaking my truth.”

I once had an argument with a friend about the nature of “truth.” I thought of truth as an interpretation (scientific fact excluded), and he argued that “truth is truth.” Certainly by definition he was correct, and what I was saying was simply that often what we assume to be truth may not be.

When we say “speak your truth,” what we really mean is “speak your mind.” Something appears to us as “truth” because we believe so strongly that it is. But, truth is provable “fact”—not “fiction.” It is one hundred percent certainty. It is reality, not subject to belief or thought.

Our mind interprets what we believe as true, but that doesn’t make it “truth.” It just means we have strong beliefs that appear to be true to us.

We may get into trouble sometimes when we think we are standing in our truth, (or in our reality that we believe to be truth) don’t we?

Isn’t that what religious wars are all about?

Isn’t that what Hitler did—pass his ideas off as “truth”?

Isn’t that politics—the right versus the left? Both, consider their side equally the truth.

Always be curious when anyone is “speaking their truth.” (As if it is REALITY.)

I value speaking my mind as long as it’s not going to hurt anyone; that’s my personal gauge anyways.

I don’t mind taking a stand for something I believe in, but I’ll always be weary of calling it “truth.”

Here’s how to have the courage to speak your mind and what feels right for you.

First of all, you must be prepared for the idea that speaking your mind most certainly will trigger others. And that’s ok. When we serve food for thought as variety and the spice of life—putting our ideas and beliefs out on the table—we trigger the emotions in others. (You always know when you are sharing BIG ideas because you get the most venom.)

This is why some people are called “thought leaders.”

In this way, we can all lead from our thoughts and our heart, speaking what’s thoughtfully on our minds.

When you find the courage to speak your mind, sharing from your heart, you can become curious about what you believe to be true also.

A world without questions would be colorless and gray. Living without curiosity would be having a mind stuck in the doldrums with no sense of passion and adventure.

Always question and always be curious. Live fearlessly and awaken your mind to what it is you believe and live your most vibrant life.

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