Behind the Screen Name

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Behind the Screen Name

The Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Live the Big Stuff Podcast brings you Episode 153: Behind the Screen Name

As Kris navigates the online dating world, she’s realizing that often it’s easy to forget there is always a human on the other side of every screen name.

She shares a story about a man whom she met online who recently treated her with disrespect as he “ghosted” her – and how she called him out!

This episode is a gentle reminder to reconnect with our innate sense of humanity and to act with kindness; both online and offline.

Host: Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson, New York Times Bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of waking up to life with joy and gratitude amidst the ups and downs of their earthly existence.

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