Connection Grows with Love

a photo of Kristine Carlson with her new puppy Bohdi, feeling connection and love
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Connection Grows with Love

It is a new moon.  The sliver of light brings with it a new beginning—a new cycle to live into. I have a new connection, a new love–meet Bodhi.  He’s a ten week old golden retriever pup.  He’s back to bed in his crate right now…so I can get my work done.  (A bit like having a new born again!) 

As I sit here in the pre-dawn asking myself, what is at the heart of “connection”—the answer is clear.   Those who are most connected have captured their connection to the divine and allowed it to fuel their self-awareness to become the most conscious ,loving ,and kind person they can be. 

Conscious, awake,  and alive while appreciating this spiritual experience you are having here on earth.

As we connect to the divine in our own way, knowing that we are always assisted in times of turmoil and stress, it gives us faith.  Every time we make this connection in our own unique relationship with the divine our faith grows.

You know how it is you connect—maybe, it is your relationship to the almighty form of love– whatever form feels right for you.  Or, your time communing in nature.  Maybe you flex your faith in community or in a church of your choice.  Or, you have the experience of a plant medicine journey.  Perhaps you connect through meditation and prayer.  

It doesn’t matter how you connect to the divine—it just matters that you find your way every day

When Richard died, I had to find him where he was.  I would not have survived if I couldn’t find him.   I realize now that his transition from earthly life back to eternity showed me we are always connected because I feel him.  He walks with me–he carries me. I carry him in my heart as I step in each day to live my fullest most awake life.

In the first weeks of my healing through grief journey, I found him in the sky.  I heard him in the silence.  My fingers typed on the keyboard of my computer all he would say to me in the early mornings when it was our time.

 Sure, I’ve had readings with mediums who help me put language to those feelings—but the most beautiful thing is knowing that love bounds us forever—we are always connected.  My feet planted on the earth plane ,for now, a beam of light between us reaching all the way to the heavens. He is the wind beneath my wings. His heart beats in mine where I carry him too.

My greatest loss brought me to a deeper connection with myself–to realize what is most true for me. I was heartbroken open to know myself deeper and understand my personal power.  As my heart mended, I became the woman–whole and complete–I’m meant to be.

My compassion grew and my connection expanded

My broken heart mended and grew even bigger holding more love for all people.

It doesn’t matter to me what race, religion, gender, or political party you support, because I feel connected to all of humanity in our suffering and in our joy.  We are one big human family united by love.

The more you learn about yourself and show up for yourself, then you can extend that energy out to others. 

If you take a moment to close your eyes right now, I will lead you through a meditation that is loving kindness—and will allow you to grow your connection with the world.

Listen below now

Now that you’ve taken a pause to connect, how do you feel?

Is the world a bit brighter?  Do you feel more hopeful?  Do you feel a deeper sense of  presence?

Connection grows when we sit in the center of love and allow that love and kindness to touch the hearts of others—from our inner circle out.  It’s powerful, isn’t it.

I feel you, and I hope you feel that deep reservoir of faith that grows with connection to all living things.  You are never alone—you are all one—you are love at the center of all things.

It is true—connection grows with love.  Keep love at the center of all you do and you will be holding the vibration the planet needs more of–love sweet love.

Treasure the gifts of life and love,