Don’t Sweat the Change: Inside-out: The Soul of Beauty

Don't Sweat the Change

Don’t Sweat the Change: Inside-out: The Soul of Beauty

kristine carlson at the beachTruth is, beautiful people don’t just happen.

There are two ways to see beauty. I can look at something from the outside as an object, or I can see the essence of beauty that comes from the inside-out – the soul of beauty. Essence is something far more reflective and intangible but clearly present in the energy of all living things. I am hard-pressed to see anything but raw beauty when looking at a small child – seeing something so light and pure that goes far beyond the physical. The same can be true of a person after a deep emotional release and cry. The eyes shine and the face glows like dew drops clinging to tall blades of grass after a storm settles, as the sunlight sparkles to delight on them. Our essence is beautiful in our vulnerability. It is authentic and peaceful. It’s a really good reason to have a good cry, release emotions and be open to receive peace.

Beauty sometimes shines more brightly in those who have emerged from darker days, coming back to choose life with more vigor and passion. They have struggled and suffered and, therefore, feel the pulse of humanity with compassion and a deeper understanding – not just for themselves but for all living things. I am a gentler, kinder person today because I have known loss. I am more awake because of the shock of sudden loss. I see things more clearly now. I am more open to receive all the bounty of life – which is the essence of beauty.

One of the things that strikes me often in my own experience of the beauty that surrounds me is the openness I am able bring to the present moment through awareness. If I’m all caught up in my head, and not being very present, it’s all a blur to me – like viewing the scenery from the passenger seat of a fast moving train. What I realize is this: I must Slow Down to the Speed of Life. (That’s a book Richard wrote with his good friend, Joe Bailey.) God has painted a truly inspiring canvas in nature for us to notice and appreciate. This inspires me to think of people in all our shapes, sizes, ages and colors. In this way we all make up the canvas of humanity – truly the essence of what is beautiful.

I’ve come to see people as all beautiful in our own unique energy and light – especially those people who are fully and authentically expressed. But when you see someone with more than the usual light or happiness… what is that? How can we cultivate light and happiness and breathe in the peace that life has to offer?

There’s a way in which we can live in our bodies so presently that our light is amplified by our presence and this can continue for our whole lives—revealing the soul which is our real beautiful essence through the light in our eyes and through radiant health.

My deepest desire is to maintain my inner light and energy throughout my life. I live in a body, and my soul essence is likely to shine with more vitality when my body is balanced and rested. There are tools that can help me stay open to receiving more of that zest for life-energy that keeps me feeling young. Most importantly, it’s absolutely necessary for me to be in harmony with my hormones. When my hormones are haywire, it feels like anxiety or being overdosed with caffeine. It’s not fun, and even my morning meditation doesn’t do much for me.

I’ve been reading many books and studying with the experts. Last summer I worked with Dr. Dzugan from to balance my body because I realized that the stress of grief was real and affected my adrenal glands, changing my physiology. Dr. Dzugan’s scientific team, along with a naturopath, really helped assist me in getting back on course. My memory has improved and my energy is more balanced with the help of bio-identical hormones and a host of supplements like vitamin D, pregnenolone, vitamin C and D, magnesium and others. So there‘s no reason, with all the information available to us, to sweat the change. If you’re feeling anxiety, depression, weight gain and low energy, and life is not looking that beautiful to you right now, whether you are male or female, your hormones could be the contributing factor affecting the balance of your physiology. Men experience low testosterone and hormonal lows, too. It’s not just a female thing. Ask your doctor to check your hormone levels. It’s an easy thing for your doctor to add a test to your annual blood work. Bio-identicals are plant-based natural sources of hormones and have really helped me. It’s true that they haven’t been used for a long time, and I’m not suggesting that you do this, only that you speak with a naturopath or your doctor about using them if appropriate to your health self-care regime. Here are the books that I recommend reading: The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried, The Kalish Method: Healing the Body, Mapping the Mind by Dr. Daniel Kalish. You can also check out a fabulous physician and medical concierge through

This month on our Don’t Sweat Sisterhood call I will be speaking with Cindy Heath, author of the book, Real Beautiful: The Energy Secrets of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Cindy is in our sisterhood and has personally studied for years and is so lovely. I know we will have a profound conversation about the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and all the things we can do to maintain our mind, body, and spirit alignment – no matter our age. Aging gracefully doesn’t happen by accident. We will be talking about the benefits to maintaining that inner light and essence of what it means to be open to receiving beauty from the inside-out, reinventing our beautiful essence with a few minor shifts in our energy. Super excited to share that I’ll be announcing an Inside-Out beauty challenge towards the end of summer. Details to come!

I’ll be writing and talking about reviving the divine feminine for the Modern day woman, over the next few months as I co-lead with Christine Arylo in the summer of Self Love in our RECEIVE program: “Over Worked and Over It.” We will be teaching and helping you remember to surrender to a more feminine way of life and how to stop over-giving, pushing and controlling life, and instead, revisit and remember what it means to fill your empty cup and to RECEIVE more from life. You will revive something that is innate in you – an openness to living life fully and abundantly with passion, grace and ease. I’ll be sending a note to you next week about a FREE call to introduce this wonderful 40 days of Self Love.