Grit! Have you truly got it?

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Grit! Have you truly got it?

Someone recently asked me, “How do you remain so lively and young looking despite all of the obstacles you’ve faced over the years?”

The thing is, it takes true grit to be a resilient person.

True grit doesn’t conjure up all frills and lace, but women have plenty of it. I have many true grit stories to share with you, but I knew I had true grit and so did my husband when I delivered two babies naturally. That’s right; no drugs. Whether you’ve birthed children naturally or not, it takes true grit to go through the process—either way, there’s plenty of pain and lots of mess you have to find your way through. There’s no turning back, there’s only opening and moving forward and through the challenges.

In other circumstances, where does that true grit determination to survive and thrive come from?

For me, it could have been the thousands of miles I ran on trails and cross country roads in my youth OR my parents taking me on every twenty mile hike with them during my brother’s Eagle Scout days.

Perhaps it was the influence of Christ (who had more than his share of true grit) as the example I followed in the years of my protestant upbringing?

And, the peace of understanding other religions and spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Hindu philosophy as related to our minds and human potential that came in my early adult studies with Richard.

Or, the years of practicing the art of meditation.

Maybe it was being loved unconditionally by Richard for twenty-five years that made feel safe and celebrated and secure? We lived with such a pure love that can only heal your heart and soul and change your DNA.

One thing that surely contributes to true grit is hope and faith, and the ability to live in complete gratitude for the blessings amidst adversity.

How can YOU be sure to have some true grit vitality when you need it?

These are some of the things that build true grit in a person—tenacity and strength that is tested when things get tough…

  • Keeping life in perspective during undesirable circumstances.
  • Being able to see beyond the horizon and move along even though it’s tough and you’re tired.
  • Getting up and doing what needs to be done with a positive attitude even when you’re not feeling all that great.
  • Calling and asking for the support of friends when you need holding.
  • Allowing yourself the luxury of a single moment of self pity and swiftly moving into an action that reminds you that life is happening while you’re wallowing.

True grit is reminding yourself every day that you will die—and this is your day to LIVE.

True grit is having a sense of humor at the paradox of everyday situations that are small stuff.

True grit is starting each day as a new beginning.

Nelson Mandela said: “The beauty of the human spirit is that we get back up every time we fall.”

True grit is seen in the beauty of humanity to face our challenges and move through our fear with courage.

Yes, I’d say that true grit contributes to living the most vibrant life..

I encourage you to inquire: What does true grit mean to you?

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