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What does it mean to be spiritual?  In my TED talk, I define what it means to live a spirit-driven life.  Spirituality is not about religion, although many people find access to spirit in churches and shared beliefs about God, universal love or all that is Divine.  Living a spiritual life is about the way you practice your life, day-to-day, more than anything else. It’s also about living inspired.

You must stay tuned in and tuned up—like a tuning fork ready to find a perfect pitch. Your creativity is a direct result of what is ignited through inspiration.

A Course in Miracles defines “inspired” as living in spirit. How do you define spirit in your life and where do you find it?

Where does that creative spark come from?

For many it comes from time spent in nature, or movement or simply living joyfully tuned into the call.

I am governed by my intuition and my ability to surrender my thinking mind, albeit temporarily, for something profoundly deeper.

Even now as I write this blog, I have surrendered to becoming that instrument of the divine—allowing myself to be played as opposed to willing creativity to happen.

Asking your ego to step aside allows your spirit to speak what’s next.

If you want to live by spirit you must find what inspires you. I am inspired by my morning meditation followed by coffee. I am inspired by the pre-dawn mornings that are quiet and still.

One thing that is interesting to me is that I’m equally inspired whether I’m feeling happy or sad. In fact, sometimes spirit’s call is stronger when I’m suffering. My tuning fork is more sensitive in vulnerability; there is a crack that allows wisdom to flow and I’m tuned into my heart feeling more deeply.

This has been the greatest gift of being heartbroken-open awakening to a truly spirit-driven life.

To access greater inspiration on a daily basis, first, practice what brings you peace inside. Everyone has a different ignition switch.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. Soften the harder edges of your thinking and remind yourself to be compassionate. Be mindful of how you speak to yourself and to others and your heart will soften too.

Spirit loves a gentle, kind, inspired and compassionate heart

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As you live inspired by spirit, you will awaken your most vibrant life.

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