Jeannie Douglas – Doing Art with Joy!

Stories of Reinvention Series:

Jeannie Douglas – Doing Art with Joy!

One of the FIRST participants in Kristine Carlson’s signature reinvention course, What Now? Jeannie Douglas is an inspiring example of discovering your creative path later in life.

From beginning as a stockbroker, to being a full-time Mom, to then picking up her paintbrush for the very first time, Jeannie Douglas now spends her days painting in her Sonoma Valley studio and living life in full color.

So how did Jeannie reinvent her life and her career?

Well, the path to reinvention is often far from linear; in Jeannie’s case, it looked more like a whoosh created from her very own paintbrush!

Listen in and learn how Jeannie found peace, solitude, and ultimate self-expression in her new career as a professional artist.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How following your joy can illuminate your next steps
  • The importance of rewiring your perspective on failure to succeed
  • Why you’re never “too old” to live your biggest dreams
  • Actionable insights to help you follow your passion

Tough times and major life changes have the power to steal your joy and sense of self. Kristine Carlson is here to help you turn your challenges into transformation with her breakthrough program What Now? This guided six-week program will help you reclaim your strength, confidence, and well-being as you return home to yourself and reclaim your joy.

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Guest: Jeannie Douglas

Don’t miss your chance to find Jeannie Douglas online and enjoy her colorful and expressive paintings.

IG: jeanniedouglasart

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