Kris’ New Year’s Message: 2019 Harmonize

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Kris’ New Year’s Message: 2019 Harmonize

Last year was a highly productive year. (And by that I mean, busy. And oh so fun.)

With a new book out, I was all the way out there as I promoted and launched that baby. From Heartbreak to Wholeness is a book that I had to birth. It was a project with a long gestation period: ten years of healing. Little did I know a decade ago that 2019 would hold the birthday of these healing words.

I also birthed a book program called Book Doulas with my close friend and colleague Debra Evans. Together, we assisted several lovely writers in birthing their own work into the world.

I led several retreats last year and maintained my blog and podcast, and celebrated fully the 20th anniversary of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Whew! I was a bit tired by the end of October!

But here we are in 2019. Landing in a new year always brings with it a feeling of taking that first leap on a trampoline. This time becomes a springboard to meeting our most vibrant selves, propelling us into all that the year will embody.

Each year, I choose a word to symbolize what I most wish to embody. (Because, after all, we do get to choose what we embody and how we bounce on that trampoline.) This year my word is harmony.

I always start January first by asking myself three questions. You may wish to do the same, as they inspire heart and soul intention that goes far beyond the typical “new year’s resolutions.”

  1. What do I deeply desire right now?
  2. How can I improve my health and give my body what it needs?
  3. How can I nurture my mind and spirit?

The first question “What do I deeply desire?” poses a theme for the coming year, hence my word harmony. This year what I most desire is to do everything from an inner place of peace and balance. I deeply wish to harmonize internally, so that I am operating externally with a more centered and harnessed energy that is extremely aware and present. This requires me to live within a structure that affords flexibility and long deep breaths in golden pause. Harmony only exists where I can inhale light and love… and exhale tension and fear.

The second question involves body balance and health. “How can I improve my health and give my body what it needs?” I want to confess that I’m not generally balanced in my diet unless I have some strong guidelines, goals, and structure. Quantity has always been an issue for me. (Plus, my golden retriever and I are well-matched in the speed in which we partake of a feast.) So, mindful eating is my new practice for the new year. I spent some time recently with my good friend Dr. Shauna Shapiro, who has encouraged me to slow down while eating by taking a few deep breaths before grace. (And, by chewing not wolfing. LOL.)

When it comes to body balance, I’ve tried a lot in 2018. I started and failed a keto diet plan. But this year will be different. I’m starting with a 3-week cleanse, which I always do at the onset of a new year. In 2019, I’d love to drop that last ten pounds of post menopausal weight gain that keeps me from feeling great in my skinny jeans. (Not that I ever reach “skinny” status because that’s just not my body type, and that’s ok!) Three friends are doing the cleanse with me, and we are group texting each other every day for accountability and encouragement. I have found that the system we use is very effective; it’s only January 7th and we’ve each lost over five pounds! What I love about this cleanse is that I see results. Perhaps like you, I need the reward of gratification to keep going. The baked apple after dinner is truly satisfying when I see the proof of its work. Accordingly to my doctor’s wisdom, if I lose eight pounds, I’ll be at the best optimal weight for my age and likely have the health of a thirty-five year old. at fifty five, I’ll take that!

Along with my cleanse, my health initiatives this year are for a whole-body experience. I take two long hot Epsom salt baths a day and do one body treatment a week—be it a pedicure, facial, full body massage, or cryo therapy with infrared sauna. I am loving these parts of my month, embracing impeccable self-care. It’s like taking a vacation from my social life and turning towards all things self-nourishing to rejuvenate and replenish… setting the tone for a fabulous year!

And, lastly, I question #3: “What can I do to enrich my mind and spirit this year?” As part of my cleanse, I’m practicing Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day meditation “Shedding the Weight.” I love doing this along with my daily inspiration rituals, remembering that “how I start my day is how I live my day.”

I’m also deepening my gratitude practice by waking up thinking of three things I feel grateful for and going to sleep at night the same way.

Oh, yes… and sleep. One of nature’s best therapies. I’m retiring by 9pm and waking at 4:30am. This is a great rhythm for me and works best when my social life is at a minimum.

My hope is that this inspires you to ask how you can harmonize your mind, body, and spirit this month beginning your year vibrantly. I encourage you to ask yourself these three questions and record your thoughts, taking seriously the answers and letting them shape the practices and perspectives you fill 2019 with.

May this be your best year yet as you live your most mindfully vibrant life!

Cheers to a fabulous and healthy 2019!