Let’s Get Back to School, Shall We?

woman with fall trees and walking path behond her - her eyes are closed she is in a warm hat and wrapped in fal clothing
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Let’s Get Back to School, Shall We?

Are you ready to get back to school?   (Of course, I mean metaphorically!) Are we ever really out of the classroom of life-school?  Let’s hope not—when we are done we are likely dead.

As long as we are here there are a few things left for us to learn and do, and like you, I have found the earth school is full of both challenges as well as gob-smacking joys! Relationships can be challenging. 

  • A swim in a lake on a summer day—gob smacking joy.
  • Keeping a pesky squirrel out of my garden—challenging!
  • Eating a ripe tomato off the vine—joy!
  • The death of my beloved Golden Retriever, Bear—challenging!
  • Giving all of my attention to our last family pet–Missy (a Ragdoll cat)–joy!

Summertime brings out my need to play, explore, and adventure to new places while I hike and go barefoot as much as possible.  (I did a little of both on a trip to my heritage homeland–Sweden.)

 My goal in the summertime: Work as little as possible—just enough to keep things going.

Then fall arrives and bam!  The energy shifts with the leaves that sprinkle the ground like confetti

My life force pattern and energy flow is definitely in tempo with each seasonal change and transition. The season of Fall pushes the invisible ignition switch that lights my inner fire again.  It’s that “back to school” that propels me forward with eager anticipation.  How about you?

And, the super blue moon and in its fullness and also its waxing and waning affects me too.  As do the planets and their retrogrades which make me a bit wonky sometimes—especially lately. 

We are sensitive to energy both within and without us.  As things change, so are we in a state of constant flux—whether we notice it or not. 

Change brings endings. Whether it’s summertime, a relationship, finishing a project, your garden going to seed, sending a kid off to college, or the last breath (either yours or someone you love) these endings always brings with it a transition—a new beginning.  

The other day I was walking along on a trail near my home, and I found myself skipping.  Like a kid again, I was skipping feeling boundless and full of energy—skipping with joy!   (I have indeed won the squirrel battle—my tomatoes are mine again, and life is good.)

As I slowed to a walk, I was thinking what a miracle it is that we can overcome and heal from trauma.  There was a time years ago—I only pondered if I would return to joy.  Its a beautiful thing that we can be wounded, for a time, and then let ourselves return to joy again. 

“Let” as in allow, is the operative word here.  At a certain point—we must be pro-active in our own healing.  We must realize our power to choose.   Are you going to stay in pain—suffering, or are you going allow yourself to make that leap into freedom.

Pain for a time is inevitable but continued suffering is optional.  I know that can be hard to swallow, but it’s true.   

Another thing–while we’d like to take a pill or turn outward for the answers, that’s only a bandaid for our wound.  There’s no one that can heal you—you must allow healing to take place.  You must ask yourself to do what it’s going to take to feel better—to return to that boundless state of joy.

What is holding you back?  (It’s a what–not a who–unless its YOU.)

Sure, there’s healers, shamans, doctors and practitioners here in earth school that can poke and prod you to instigate change.  But, all they are doing is giving you the tools to choose healing for yourself.  To choose to let go of whatever it is that is that is keeping you stuck and in your suffering.  The body and mind go together on this one–your spirit is calling for you to LIVE.   If your body is rebelling, look to your emotional suffering for the direction to turn towards healing your pain.

In Earth’s School – Letting Go Is Key!

Let yourself live!  

Let yourself laugh.

Let yourself move forward.

Let yourself experience this life free from whatever old patterns you feel stuck in.

It’s your time to get back to school—to learn, to grow—to move forward in the new beginning that’s calling to you.

There’s help along the way—but this is your journey. You are ultimately responsible to do the inner work.  As you make change happen, you will heal yourself.

You can do this.  You really can. You can return to joy again.

There’s love along the way, too.

We can use the transition of fall—the energy of new beginnings, to move us along in this earth-bound classroom we are in—to move through the challenges  and onto the fun part.

We are alive for what turns out to be a blink of an eye. 

Let’s get going, shall we?  

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