Living the big stuff: My big YES!

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Living The Big Stuff

Living the big stuff: My big YES!

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I’m writing to update you on my latest adventures. And, it’s that time of year again….
Do you say this every year too: “Ah, wow! Another birthday?! Already?”

The years fly by—most notably on that personal anniversary that celebrates life. As I head into my fifty-second year, it does not go unnoticed by me that I’ve had seven years longer to live than Richard had. If there’s one thing that those people we love who pass on remind us of it’s that we are here to LIVE.

Life has been a full-out adventure and journey these past years, and I’ve just been asking one question: “Does this thing (request, invite, or inspiration) light me up with passion and does it help me to serve humanity a bit more peace, contentment, and happiness?” If so, then it’s a match for me in living the big stuff and I’m a big “Yes!”

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After completing the first What Now? 12 week mentorship program ( yahoo!) that ended with a lovely retreat with an amazing group of women who all came together as soul sisters, it’s become clear to me that another part of my great work is to support others as they bring out their great work. That’s why I love mentoring and coaching so much.

I’ve been on the go-go of late—that’s why I’ve been a bit out of touch. I’m back to my life and kids after jumping on the MindPT ( train with my good friend, Kim Serafini ,for about 8 weeks as we traveled throughout the U.S, (West and East coasts) Canada, and Australia. We met with so many amazing people as we invited thought leaders to share their positive message with their own session added to the library.


It’s been an honor to help Kim bring out this wonderful life changing “thought intervention tool” that primes people for success and greater happiness. MindPT has hooked up with some amazing researchers (from Harvard, Stanford and Yale Med.) who are really excited about what Kim has created harnessing the power of positive psychology and 17 elements of neuroscience in sessions available for your computer or in an app on your mobile device. These sessions look very simple yet have a profound ability to train your brain—literally! If you missed my offer last month, you can still download our “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” session for a limited time offer FREE HERE.

A big highlight of the MindPT networking we did was meeting a dear friend whom I had only previously known on line and by phone, the brilliant Karen Salmansohn, for the first time in person. Here’s our hug! (That’s me swallowed up on the other side!)

2 meeting karen

And, while in New York, we also met with my long time good friend, Victoria Moran, the day before she launched her new book: The Good Karma Diet.

Kim invited me to speak with her on two amazing platforms in Brisbane, the first LEADX (Here’s my keynote for you OPEN WINDOW). I have to admit that, initially, the topic of “Innovation and productivity” threw me, and all I could think to say was “tell that to my ovaries.” The deeper message of the event “Innovative Insights worth applying” is something I can speak to, as I realized all the ways our work was designed to help people innovate their lives. Richard’s passing made me apply all the insights of our philosophy to my own innovation and reinvention. Standing amongst some extremely accomplished business women, I was definitely feeling a bit out of my comfort zone, for sure, but as I spoke and let go I felt the flow of the moment. I love that feeling more than anything! I’m under the pressure of 25o pairs of intelligent gazing eyes, and inspiration shows up speaks through me. Such a gift and a blessing! That’s a “natural high” that cannot be compared to anything else. My prayer when I speak is always to be a divine instrument of light and love in the spirit of service.

In the second talk I gave was at the “Happiness and It’s Causes: Wellness Conference” in Sydney, and I was bubbling over as I had the pleasure of hearing the Dalai Lama speak. What struck me most about him was not only his wisdom and presence which I expected. I was awed by his playfulness and his genuine light heartedness. When asked if he ever get’s angry, he sited an example from four years earlier. (There, you have it!) When was the last time you were angry? Four years ago? Believe me, I was asking myself the same thing.

I found this article in Richard’s archives on OPTIMISM. Please enjoy!

kenna gradution

I returned home from Australia just in time to celebrate our youngest daughter, Kenna Carlson’s, graduation from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology and Human Development. Woo hoot!!!! Go, Kenna! Rather than dive straight into REAL life, I’m encouraging her to take some well needed exploration time this year to experience some travel and look at what lights up her soul before she heads into the REAL world of career or furthering her education. One could say, as a recent acquaintance, Kathy Eldon commented, that “she’s up for a year on.”

That’s about it for now! Happy Solstice to you!

I hope your summer (or winter on the other side of the world) plans include time with family, travel and always those things that light up your passion for adventure and your big “Yes!” as you reinvent life every day from where you are now.

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