Our Disneyland Experience

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Our Disneyland Experience

For the last year, I’ve been really looking forward to celebrating both of my grandsons’ birthdays in Disneyland. I think of Disneyland like I think about Las Vegas: I can take them both in small doses. While we were there, I simply forgot one of our Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff teachings:

Let go of your expectations of what that experience will be in order to have the experience that is.

An August weekend in the most well-designed theme park imaginable made Disneyland (not really) the happiest place on Earth, but definitely the most crowded.

For two days, I really geared up for the whole process—strategy around fast passes and downloading the app. We arrived as the gates opened at 8:00a.m–kids in tow–to get the most in before the crowds seem to multiply by the hundreds. By noon, the lines were 90 minutes long and there was much less to enjoy about the creative magic of the place.

This time of year there are just too many people. It felt a little bit slow like the zombies of the walking dead—thousands walking along the promenade at a snail’s pace. I reminded myself frequently as I joined them, “Don’t sweat the crowds!”

It was comical that Caden, 7, would brave up for the rides, and say, “Nana, ride in the front with me!” Then, when it was our turn, I found myself in the front car of Space and Splash Mountain. My daughters were laughing hysterically.

By noon, we were back at our hotel and the boys had just as much fun playing in the mini water park with pools and slides having the freedom to run around.

I have to say, of all my travels this past summer these two days left me bone tired. Now rested—I definitely feel like I’ve done my Nana Disneyland duty!

My advice to anyone else is to pick a couple of days in December (middle of the week would be great) to visit “the happiest place on earth” and enjoy the eccentric detail of the fantasy land made by Walt Disney. I even hear that Thanksgiving day is the best day to visit the park, and I think that would be great family fun!

It’s a walk back through the wonder of youth—a chance to be a kid again and remember what it means to believe in fairytale and fantasy.

Igniting your child-like spirit within (however you want to do that) is one of the best ways to live your most vibrant life.

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