Being Vibrant & Shining Bright in 2018!

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Being Vibrant & Shining Bright in 2018!

I wish I could say that I always feel vibrant and shine brightly—but that is not the truth. As I sit here writing my new year’s message on New Year’s Eve, I’m all stuffy and sniveling with a cold. It was well worth all the green goopy kisses I received from my nine-month-old granddaughter—Cambree Taylor.

Over the Holiday weekend, I had the pleasure of staying with the kiddos while my daughter Jazz and her husband, Devon, got away on a well-deserved break. It’s always a bit shocking, however, to slow down to the pace of a nine-month old—and jump into care taking mode. But as I do so, it fills my heart with joy because bonding with her and my other grandchildren is just the best thing in the world! My family means everything to me.

But now, with a fresh start, I’m thinking about the word I want to embrace for this coming year—and one that means everything to where I am now in my journey—mind, body and soul.

“VIBRANT” is my word to embrace for 2018! (Please share in the comments, below, a word that summarizes your journey this coming year—and what you would most like to embrace!)

The joy of dreaming about the new year comes with our deepest wishes and desires. Here’s what I most desire for myself as I ride the crest of the wave into vibrancy in 2018.

More stillness and meditation.

I plan to prioritize more time for reading and spiritual study.

I’m going to nourish my body with whole foods, more fiber, healthy fats, hiking, higher intensity exercise and bulletproof coffee.

And, it’s my love affair with life that manifests through my life’s purpose which fires up vibrancy for my soul.

I’m calling in all of my aliveness this coming year to bring you everything I’ve got. My awakened heart is beating with several offerings that I know will inspire you not only to fill your life with joy but also to assist you in fulfilling your potential. It’s never too late for a new beginning.

The Greek definition of happiness states we are most happy when we are living a life of meaning and pursuing those activities that fulfill our human potential. When you think of this definition it applies to all ages from birth to death, doesn’t it?

Whether you are a one year old learning to walk and on the cusp of speaking your mind, or you are in your crone years and full of wisdom, we fulfill our potential through the activities we engage in day to day. The key is to be fully engaged in something that inspires you and lights you up—your passion drives your purpose.

This year, I’d love to meet many of you in person and here’s several different ways we might connect soon.

I’d love to share a summary with you of my exciting plans for 2018:

My new book: FROM HEARTBREAK TO WHOLENESS, The Hero’s Journey to Joy: Last year at this time, I had a dream of writing a book and after securing Saint Martin’s Press as my publisher I started and finished it over the summer. (Of course, my broken foot slowed me down.) My sixth book will be born in June. (Birthing a book is a deeply creative project, a bit like having a child, but a whole lot easier and doesn’t take as long to launch.) This book, however, had a ten-year gestation and metaphorically speaking the head was already crowning when I started – and with this comes my exciting news! I’m so eager to share From Heartbreak To Wholeness, The Hero’s Journey to Joy with you in June 2018!! If you already have an interest in ordering From Heartbreak To Wholeness, The Hero’s Journey to Joy, you can go ahead and pre-order today! As a token of appreciation for your pre-order, I would love to send you a special gift to your inbox. All you need to do is let us know you pre-ordered by emailing Happy reading!”

WHAT NOW COURSE & RETREAT: Our What Now? New Year’s retreat is scheduled for February 23-26. This is such a special weekend where we head to the Mendocino coast as we embrace our dreams for the new year. I encourage you to invest in yourself—this special price includes the six week What Now? online course where the retreat is the final celebration of YOU! This retreat is an excellent way to kick off a new you for the new year—and you’re worth it! (Early bird pricing which includes the e-course ends January 7th and we have four spots left!) If you are interested, go here to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consult with me to see if this is a good fit for you.

ITALY RETREAT: September 15-20th Every other year, I invite you to come along on the most glorious retreat: Women’s Wisdom and Yoga in Umbria, Italy. This is truly one of the best experiences I can offer you. Early bird pricing also ends Jan. 7th. Don’t wait! We are already half full for this retreat. Go to to find out more information.

BIRTHING YOUR BOOK! This spring, I’M SO EXCITED to be offering a program with my friend and celebrated content developing editor, Debra Evans. Debra and I had such a beautiful process as we worked together on my latest book. As of today, we’ve put together a master plan to support a select group of ten-twelve women who wish to accomplish the dream of birthing their own book this year! I cannot think of any activity that would bring me more joy than to assist you in bringing your legacy message into the world. So, please stay tuned if you are deeply desiring to write a book and navigate the publishing world. The book doulas are coming soon and we would love to journey with you!

DON’T SWEAT IT…BECOME A POSITIVE THOUGHT WARRIOR: This spring in April, I’ll be bringing the Don’t Sweat wisdom to a new platform in a powerful partnership. I’ll be teaming up with my good friend and former fitness trainer Diana Cole (you can visit her here to hold a happiness workshop. I believe your happiness is everything to the level of success you will have in all aspects of life: work, love, parenting and making money. Your magnetism rises as your happiness does. Look for announcements of our live bay area workshop “Don’t Sweat, Be Positive! & Become a Positive Thought Warrior!” Our workshop will be held on April 22, 2018 in Lafayette, CA.

HOST AN EVENT WITH ME! I’m planning several live appearances this summer to launch From Heartbreak To Wholeness, The Hero’s Journey to Joy into the world. If you would like to help host a live event and book signing—please let me and my team know! I’d love to meet you and your community this summer and share and celebrate the hero’s journey to joy—live with you! Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a live book signing event this summer at

DON’T SWEAT EDUCATION: A project I am very excited about is bringing the Don’t Sweat wisdom to education. Thanks to all of you who purchased the popular tank tops, golf caps, and stainless steel water bottles and beach towels from Don’t Sweat Goods. We are excited to share that all of the proceeds are going towards this special project. I’ve recently hired a new CEO/consultant to assist me in organizing this key project to bring Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff wisdom to kids and millennials. I can’t think of a better way to carry on this vibrant legacy as we continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary through spring of this year.

Vibrancy is all about radiance and how you bring luminous ideas forward through self expression while living fully engaged with gratitude and a true love of life. Wherever you are, I hope to inspire you to live your most vibrant life in the coming year as I embrace the vital energy it takes to exuberantly live mine—green goopy kisses and all!

Treasure the journey, it’s all unimaginably precious.

Cheers to you and your family for a luminous new year!

Kristine Carlson