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The Best is Yet to Come

A couple of times a year, I have my astrology birth chart read. The readings have always been validating to what I’m experiencing—extremely accurate and poignant.

I recently had one by Tania Gabrielle, who does numerology with astrology.

It was perfect timing for the coming fall equinox—a time of gathering and harvesting what has been seeded, and is now ready for the picking.

She didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know, but the timing of my actions, especially alongside the numerology, was impeccable. She said I was coming to the close of my nine year cycle. It began the year after Richard transitioned—on our wedding anniversary, August 31, 2007—and ended on our wedding anniversary just two weeks ago. We would have been married for 31 years.

Yes, lately, I have definitely felt a sense of completion.

A week ago, I received inspiration for a new book. It wasn’t the topic or title I thought I would write—-it’s the book that wants to come forward through my healing process. It’s my completion book—the gift of my journey from heartbreak to wholeness. It’s my gift to myself, the wounded healer, to you—and to everyone who has experienced heartbreak and loss.

Again, recently, a friend asked why I have not remarried.

My soul contract has been to heal those wounded parts of myself that were afraid of being alone; those masculine parts that remained incomplete in the shadow of marriage and partnership with a very strong man. In my case, the gift has been the deep joy and bliss of meeting my fears and the messy process of transformation. I’ve come through the hoop of fire and out the other side in ways that have brought me such feelings of peace and joy, and have taught me what it means to feel whole and no longer broken. I’ve learned and grown so much I can’t even recognize myself from those younger years. (Except I still have my enthusiasm and bubbly nature–I love to laugh!)

At 53, much of my sexual energy that, in my younger years, was driven by hormones for reproduction, now manifests in my creativity and my work for greater productivity–for the most part, anyways.

The very best part of where I am now is the deep well of peace I feel inside. I no longer worry about being alone—or whether another life partner will show up. I surrender and trust the divine completely. I know the universe has my back.

Most importantly, I’ve found my way back to the joy that comes from having a love affair with life itself.

Even cleaning my closets is a fun process to me these days. (And, that’s saying something bold.)

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I am living my most vibrant life—and hopefully, I’m encouraging you to live yours wholly and completely.

A deep belief whispers to me: The best is yet to come.

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