What Would You Do With $30 Million?

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What Would You Do With $30 Million?

I was recently out to dinner with one of my favorite friends, Christina Rasmussen, and we were talking about our businesses. She was asking me what I love to do in my business and then she asked a really fun question: If you had $30 million in the bank—what would you do differently? how would you live? what would change?

I’ve thought a lot about that question since. In my heart and human design, I am a philanthropist. And, so—if I had $30 million, philanthropic interests would be my aspiration.

I would invest money in entrepreneurs and social change makers like Kim Serafini and MindPT that have created a product that would alter and change the world for the better.

I would give more money away to non-profits like Challenge Day, Children’s Inc, and Girls, Inc. who are doing good work in the world to take care of and connect kids and that teach strong values of the heart.

I would support a political candidate who aspires to be a conscious leader.

I would pay my assistant so much more because she is priceless to me.

The other interesting answer to this question, personally, for me is that I wouldn’t live my life differently than I do now. How about you . . . what would you do differently???

I love what I’m doing.
I love writing this blog and doing my podcast.
I love carrying on for Richard.
I love my kids and my grandkids.
I love my dog. (my kitties too.)
I love leading retreats.
I love participating in workshops.
I love to speak at events on stage.
I love pursuing optimal health.
I love practicing a happy life.
I love serving a good helping of inspiration to the planet in my own small little corner of the universe.

I feel greatly guided to continue to share all that helps to transform and awaken you to your most vibrant life—while I continue to live mine.

So, friend, what if you had an extra $1-30 million in the bank, what would you do?

Sure, dream about the fun stuff like cars and vacations you would take; but remember, it’s the things you wouldn’t change that matter most. Close your eyes, dig deep. What can you not picture letting go of, even when money is no concern?

In isolating these things in my life, I’ve gained invaluable perspective. Why not ask yourself this question and have a little fun imagining what could be while also honing in on the great stuff that is?

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