Alana Weinroth: From Self-Care to Service

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Alana Weinroth: From Self-Care to Service

Today, Los Angeles-based yoga teacher Alana Weinroth’s life is dedicated to purposefully servicing her community; through her work at the Covenant House, as a certified yoga teacher, and through her podcast, Give a Damn.

However, a few years ago – her life looked very different. After graduating from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in social justice, Alana followed her head over her heart; accepting a practical career in finance out of New York City.

After scaling the corporate ladder for 5 unfulfilling years, Alana decided to pivot and recreate her life – into one of purpose, service, and community connection.

In a leap of faith, she packed her bags, moving back to California to join the Covenant House California team, with the goal of expanding their outreach to those in need of shelter and care.

Today, as the founder of the Give A Damn podcast and certified yoga teacher with Give a Damn Yoga, Alana has powerfully aligned her belief in intentional self-care with a focus on love and care for those in her community.

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Guest: Alana Weinroth

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