ADD and The Child’s Brain

Brain Power Series:

ADD and The Child’s Brain

The Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Live the Big Stuff Podcast brings you Episode 170: Brain Power Series: ADD and The Child’s Brain with Dr. Daniel Emina

Kids ALL have bright, beautiful brains!

But for parents and grandparents of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), understanding exactly how they work – and how to best support their healthy development – can sometimes be challenging to understand.

In the fourth part of the Brain Power series, Dr. Daniel Emina, child/adolescent and adult psychiatrist at the Amen Clinic shares his powerful insights and experience working with kids with ADD/ADHD.

Listen in, and learn about the seven types of ADD/ADHD, how boys and girls tend to exhibit ADD/ADHD in different ways, and how to treat symptoms for well-adjusted behaviour – so kids can develop and thrive as the happy, healthy adults they deserve to be.

Learn more about Dr. Daniel Emina here and the Amen Clinics here.

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Healing ADD by Dr. Daniel Amen

Host: Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson, New York Times Bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of waking up to life with joy and gratitude amidst the ups and downs of their earthly existence.

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