Introduction: Meditation and Mindfulness Series

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Introduction: Meditation and Mindfulness Series

I am really excited to kick off this new series on the podcast: Meditation & Mindfulness! For the next month, we’re going to discuss the positive impact of meditation and the importance of mindfulness.

Meditation is the greatest tool to becoming more mindful. What we often don’t realize is that mindfulness gives us the ability to prevent our feelings from spinning out of control.

Taking the time to tune into your body and tune into your feelings allows you the chance to be aware of what’s going on and offers you the opportunity to catch your emotions before they turn into anxiety, stress, anger, or rage.

Meditating is one of my favorite things to do and, as you know, I start every podcast episode with a golden pause. As a gift for you, I’ve got a Guide to the Golden Pause that you can download right here. It’s super simple and gives you the chance to walk through your own Golden Pause wherever you are.

I hope you’ll join me today as I kick off this series! Don’t miss our upcoming episodes–I cannot wait for you to hear from Dr. Shauna Shapiro, Dina Proctor, Dustin DiPerna, and Bob Roth. These experts will share their stories, wisdom, and advice on the subjects of meditation and mindfulness. I am so grateful they were willing to be a part of this series and I know you’re going to love what they have to share.

If you meditate already this will deepen your motivation to practice. If you haven’t meditated before this will be a wonderful starting point for mindful living. It’s a joyful way to live–it’s a vibrant way to live.

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