Lisa Blackwell: Simplicity in the Kitchen

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Lisa Blackwell: Simplicity in the Kitchen

While working in a clinical setting as a registered dietician for many years, Lisa Blackwell felt inspired to help women and their families with one issue pervading the homes of many – the complexity of dinnertime meal solutions.

Following her participation in Kristine Carlson’s What Now? Retreat, Lisa Blackwell felt inspired to revinent her career; building her online community and establishing her private practice.

She founded “Simplicity in the Kitchen” online program, which offers tips and guidelines for busy women and men to assist them with an efficient kitchen set-up, nutrition info, and cooking routines. Afterall, a happy home begins in the kitchen! As well, she coaches her clients individually on their personal nutrition needs and everyday struggles with home cooking and healthy eating, without needing to spend endless hours in the kitchen everyday.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • how Lisa became a “change-agent”
  • how to know when the time is right to reinvent your career
  • marketing tips to build a successful online business
  • mow to transcend fear into inspiration when making a big change
  • the power of aligning with your values as a key decision-maker

Tough times and major life changes have the power to steal your joy and sense of self. Kristine Carlson is here to help you turn your challenges into transformation with her breakthrough program What Now? This guided six-week program will help you reclaim your strength, confidence, and well-being as you return home to yourself and reclaim your joy.

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Guest: Lisa Blackwell

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