Mindfulness with Dr. Shauna Shapiro

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Mindfulness with Dr. Shauna Shapiro

I am really excited for you to listen in on today’s podcast interview with Dr. Shauna Shapiro.

Shauna is not only a woman I admire and respect as an expert in mindfulness, but she’s a wonderful friend as well.

She is a professor, clinical psychologist, internationally recognized expert in mindfulness, and co-author of The Art and Science of Mindfulness, and Mindful Discipline.

After major back surgery, Shauna was left with lots of time of stillness and silence during rehabilitation. This time left her searching for more information about mediation and eventually led to a trip to Thailand where she participated in retreats and studied the practice of mindfulness. She quickly began to look at it all from a scientific standpoint.

In today’s episode, you’ll get to know Shauna and get to know some of the key things she’s learned in this field. As a pioneer for this topic, she’s always researching and writing on how mindfulness affects our bodies, attitudes, relationships, creativity, and innovation.

Many ask: Is meditation imperative to practicing mindfulness?

Shauna will answer this for us in the episode, as well as offer a ton of other helpful insights about the best practices when it comes to meditation and mindfulness. I find so much joy and peace from meditation, but it’s benefits extend far beyond our mind and spirit. I hope you’ll join us for this episode!

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Host: Kristine Carlson

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