Practicing Happiness

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Practicing Happiness

I am so excited to kick off a brand new podcast series today: Practicing Happiness!

This series is all about the art and science of happiness and putting it into a practice in our daily lives.

Life is a lot like a sport, you have to practice it the way you want to live it. This means that happy habits equals a happy life. This series interviews some of the top experts in the field of how to master the art and science of living a happy life. Each of these experts provides you with their top ways to practice happiness so that you can master life in a way that help you fulfill your human potential.

My knowledge has been expanded so much by being able to talk with this incredible group of people and I am so excited for you to get a chance to meet each one of them. You’ll get to hear from:

We’ll cover things like:

How does happiness impact our brain? What are the benefits of broadcasting happiness? How does offering kindness impact other people? How do we practice happiness in our relationships?

This is all about how you wake up in the morning, how you start your day, and how you go about your day. Happiness is a lifetime practice.

Join me today as we kick off the series and head here to download a free print to celebrate the series!

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Host: Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson, New York Times Bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of waking up to life with joy and gratitude amidst the ups and downs of their earthly existence.

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