Rediscover Who You Are Now: Episode 259 brought to you by The Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Live the Big Stuff Podcast

More time at home. Working from home. Zoom calls. Maybe, even homeschooling…

Our world has changed – and so have we.

And so when it comes to our goals, dreams, aspirations, and even our values, it’s time to reflect and reconsider who we are now.

So if you feel like you’re trying to fit yourself into a mold that may no longer exist… you’re not alone.

Now is the perfect time to take that deep dive into YOU. You may need to create an entirely new map – or you may just need to accommodate a few new twists and turns in the road.

In today’s episode in the Reinvent Your Life Series, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between living awake or asleep
  • Why constant self-analysis is necessary for our ongoing evolution
  • Important self-discovery questions to ask yourself
  • How to rediscover our new sense of self-identity, now

Living a meaningful life is dependent upon our ability to create a meaningful inner life.

Be sure to listen in so you take advantage of this time of stillness to do the investigation required to rediscover your self-identity now.

To help you ride this Covid-coaster of change, Kristine Carlson has created a guided meditation that she’s offering for absolutely FREE. You can go claim yours today by going here. This will really help you create an intentional golden pause whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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