REVIVE & THRIVE RETREAT: A Kristine Carlson Mental Health and Wellness retreat


Mount Shasta, California
Jan 19-22, 2023


Mount Shasta, California
Jan 19-22, 2023


A Kristine Carlson Mental Health and Wellness retreat

Mount Shasta, California
Jan 19-22, 2023

"If you want to live your best life, you must take care of yourself. Mind, body, and spirit must be aligned so you can live your most vibrant life. Let’s connect and refresh our souls on retreat together."

-Kristine Carlson

Connect, rejuvenate, restore


There’s a lot of bad news in the world right now, and you may wish to have a break from all the worry and stress.

Are you ready for a total reset as you ring in the new year feeling ultra renewed and refreshed with supreme self care?

Maybe, you’re:

  • feeling sluggish and you know you need a jump start to a healthier routine
  • longing to connect, laugh, and be with a fun group of like-minded women
  • craving some supreme self-care and inspiration for living better
  • spirit is calling you to the outdoors, and the beauty of nature
  • desiring to explore the divine feminine energy and feel greater passion in the present moment
  • longing for mindfulness and clarity and to go deeper into what’s true for you
Retreat leader

Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson invites you to join her for a truly life changing magical weekend. A transformational teacher who has been connecting women and leading retreats for over a decade, the REVIVE & THRIVE Retreat is her latest offering as she answers the call of these exhausting times of worry and stress. Kristine helps each woman to pivot towards their most vibrant lives and what’s true for them at any stage as they step into their next chapter with clarity, health, and happiness.

Mount Shasta Soul Food

It’s time for YOU

What you can expect

Mount Shasta Revive & Thrive Retreat
Reaching Your Inner Vortex

Majestic Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is considered one of the highest energy vortexes on Earth. She appears majestic in the backyard of Kristine’s retreat home and provides a magical splendor of awakening for transformation, contemplation, and renewal. Enjoy her beauty as you discover what’s true for you on the return to your inner sanctuary of peace and vibrancy.

Nourishment for Your Soul

Local Hiking in Nature

Exercise and fresh air are so important to our mental well being. Backed up to National Forest trails, the hiking is breathtaking. You can choose your climb. It can be gentle or more challenging, and Kris’s house is right at the trails.

Mount Shasta Nature Hike
Soul Food
Organic, Nourishing, Tasty Meals

Food For Your SOUL


Focused on clean eating, we will serve wholesome meals prepared with love. We will serve wine with dinner for those who choose. You can specify vegetarian, but most meals will be Paleo and Mediteranean dishes. Our goal is to nourish you and enliven your senses with an array of healthy meals that are delicious and mouth watering.

Heal, Revive, Thrive

Supreme Health and Wellness

We can all use some supreme self care. Revive your body with a vitamin immunity boost drip IV with our local Bliss fusion. Natalie, Certified Nurse and Jacob will come and administer our vitamin IV’s. Blissfusion provides the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and nutrients for hydration and wellness. You will receive a Vitamin IV drip to meet your individual wellness needs. (*Administered safely by Natalie Rivera who is a registered nurse.)

Enjoy a one hour massage. During your stay, you will be gifted a one hour Swedish or hot stone combination massage by a certified massage therapist.

Wisdom Circles: Reflect, Heal, Evolve

Wisdom Circles

Revive your soul in our beloved wisdom circles led by Kristine Carlson; a unique opportunity to practice gentle listening (to yourself, and others) and vulnerable sharing of your soul’s current concerns. Kristine will teach about mindfulness and share heart warming stories of healing with you. She will guide you through the Don’t Sweat wisdom teaching the five principles of mental health that will bring you into the present moment. Discover heightened self-awareness, healing, and restoration and life-altering transformation together with a very special group of soul sisters.

Mount Shasta Retreat Meditation
Mount Shasta Retreat Yoga
Mount Shasta Retreat Dance

Yoga, Dance & Guided Meditation

Salute the morning sun with a designated time on your mat (provided) with your gentle yoga practice led by our wonderful certified yoga instructor, Jillian Golarsa. For beginners and novices alike, these daily practices of breath and movement will open your heart, ground your body, and clear your mind – before settling into an optional guided meditation. We will also have a dance session with Jillian who teaches feminine sensuality in her movement practice.

Jillian Golarsa Bio

Jillian serves as a guide assisting individuals on their path to emotional healing and RADical self awakening through a body-centric approach. She intuitively merges mind, body, and spirit. Through soul embodiment one can experience truly coming home from deep deep within. Journeying home to oneself can empower an individual to transform and heal their lives by tapping into their own innate wisdom and true divine potential. Jillian combines her extensive dance background with the ancient techniques of Energy medicine, Sound healing, Meditation, Asana, and Pranayama to create a stronger flow of the cosmic life force energy within you. Awakening you to a greater expansion of your being.

She currently resides in Mount Shasta, CA where she facilitates whole self health and wellness programs for families and individuals of all ages, stages, and phases of life. She can be found teaching weekly classes and monthly workshops at her studio Happy Home Yoga and Dance.

Jillian Headshot

Heavenly Rooms

You are promised your own super comfy bed but not your own room. You will be in spacious accommodations, however. We have a community hot tub so bring your suit! Let go and luxuriate! Feel the responsibilities of daily life melt away as you relax in our stunning guest rooms with the most spectacular view of Mount Shasta! It’s a shared living retreat, and you’ll find the accommodations charming and authentic to elegant mountain living.


What's included?

For just $2,297, your investment in the Revive & Thrive retreat is all inclusive once you get to Mount Shasta. It’s a 3-night stay marked by luxury, solitude, and breathtaking views.

Want to know more?

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Double Occupancy

Mount Shasta, California
$ 1697
  • Double Occupancy
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Single Occupancy

Mount Shasta, California
$ 2297
  • Single Occupancy


Important attendee information

Mount Shasta Retreat Registration
What’s included in your registration
Your registration includes all meals and all activities held as part of the retreat. Please note, your registration does not include airfare, transportation to/from Mount Shasta.
Payment and cancellation policy

Payment is due in full at the time of registration plus a $50 credit card processing fee. If you choose to do monthly payments by check or credit card you will pay the full PRICE. All fees must be paid in full one month in advance of the retreat. By entering your credit card number, you authorize Kristine Carlson to charge your credit card for the full amount of the retreat. There are no cancellations. You can transfer your retreat to another time and location if something comes up and you cannot attend.

COVID-19 health and safety policy

All attendees must present a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hrs of the retreat.


Don’t miss this beautiful escape

We want you to be a part of this incredible journey to deeper connection, more meaningful community, and a profoundly spiritual bond with nature as you let go of what doesn’t serve you to manifest what does. Click below to save your place on the Revive & Thrive retreat. I can’t wait to see you there.