My 2014 New Year’s Message

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My 2014 New Year’s Message

2014 New Year QuoteI hope this new year finds you in health, happiness, and gratitude ready to hit the ignition switch of having MORE.
I had a new year’s astrology reading from Leslie McGuirk ( yesterday.  It was very deep.  It showed many energetic patterns in my chart and really helped me put some things in perspective.  Apparently, I am still coming into my greatest work.  (I have to say, this feels right to me.) My life purpose is to be in service as an instrument of divine light and love, and I begin every morning with that offering in meditation.  At the personal level, I realize the death of my beloved was a sacred contract between us.  Richard was completing me in ways I must complete myself in this lifetime.  The most prevalent insight from my reading with Leslie is that there is a deep soul longing for my divine masculine to come into power to match the divine feminine essence I carry that is so easy for me. I have lost one great love, carried on for him, and in the process of healing, I have rediscovered me.  There’s so much more life yet to live.  Here is what I want MORE of this year, and I hope this begs the question for you:  What do you want MORE of this coming year?

I want to BE more!

I’d like to BE more and DO less. I’m making the commitment to myself to ask the question before I accept an invitation or begin a new project or whatever: Is this in my heart’s deepest desire to do today? I won’t do things out of habit or obligation if the answer is anything but YES!

I want to PLAY more!

Pure of heart with intention, every action can be an expression of joy.  All aspects of life can become PLAY!  

Where all sound becomes a SONG,
Where every movement becomes a DANCE,
Where smiles become deep belly LAUGHTER,
Where every day ordinary becomes MEDITATION,
And life itself becomes a dance and CELEBRATION…

I plan on playing in Bali this spring and traveling and speaking in Australia with my good friend, Kim Serafini from I am gr8ful. This year, my work will resemble play.  The inspiring conversations in the Don’t Sweat Sisterhood, speaking and traveling are all ways I play with the world!  I hope you come play with me!

I want to LOVE more!

Yesterday, I turned on the BBC news, and I watched the people of Sudan who are trapped on the Nile River with no clean running water. I looked in their eyes as they were comforting screaming babies. I thought about how these are REAL people. I pray for these people who are fleeing their homes because of some ego-maniac political leader who causes tribal separation and war. This is an extreme example of how ego plays out on a bigger collective platform, but ego has the same affect in our lives when it isn’t managed with awareness. It sabotages relationships, jeopardizes careers, causes infidelity in marriage, and encourages racism. Ego destroys at the human level, but ego cannot function with such proclivity when you are aware. Be-ware of the ego and undo it so that you have more connection and can live with a purer heart in love that shows up in your every day actions toward yourself and others.

Mindfulness and meditation are the best tools I know of to practice awareness of ego.  Slowing down from the inside, so that you can notice your thoughts like floating sentences on a scanner in plain view.  There’s always one great question to ask to identify ego:  Are my thoughts of Love or fear right now?  Let that one great question lead you, and you will always be right.


We do, after all, inhabit a BODY, and after some extensive blood work in evaluating my physiology recently, I found out how just out of balance mine really was. There’s always new ways to discover how to tweak our diet and overall health regime to achieve optimal living. It is true that having our health is the greatest wealth, and I plan to put the odds in my favor energy-wise to sustain mine in midlife by implementing practices of optimal health and prioritizing body balance.  
I wish you MORE of all the good stuff in 2014!