5 Mistakes People Make During a Weight Loss Journey

5 Mistakes People Make During A Weight Loss Journey Blog

5 Mistakes People Make During a Weight Loss Journey

Committing to weight loss can be difficult, but it can also may be one of the most fulfilling journeys to embark upon as you achieve your desired result. As you get started, you might take some missteps that may make you feel like you want to give up. But to stay on track, I’m here to help you discover some common mistakes people make during a weight loss journey.

My own weight went up after menopause, and it seems like I’m always trying to lose ten pounds. In my own journey, here are some of the helpful tips I’ve discovered along the way.

Focusing Too Much on the Scale

This is a bit controversial and it really is up to you, but there is one school of thought that says, “weigh every day” while another says “not to focus on the scale.” I will agree, however, that the first mistake many people make when they go on weight loss journeys is paying too much attention to the scale. Weighing yourself can quickly take over your day-to-day life. You feel a boost as the number pops up lower and disappointment when the number is higher. And, weight fluctuates every day for so many reasons. However, it’s important to realize you should also be paying attention to other measurements that can give you better indications of your health. For instance, finding out your body composition can provide you with a much clearer idea for where you’re at than weighing on a scale can. Body composition will tell you so much more about your health than just the number on the scale.

Mindless Eating & Winging It

The next mistake people make during their weight loss journeys is not planning out their diets. Exercise is important, but you also need to eat a well-balanced diet full of the nutrients your body needs. You also need to consume the right number of calories in a day. Calories in versus calories out. I know, basic stuff, but it comes down to how much you burn. Therefore, keeping track of your diet and planning meals really helps keep your calories where you need to be. There’s quite a few fitness apps that you can count calories on for a time to get the feel for how much you can really eat. Research shows that most people underestimate their caloric intake by over 500 calories per day. I know before I counted mine, I was unaware of the bites here and there that I would nibble on and how they would add up. The most popular way to accomplish this is to start meal-prepping, which makes it easy for you to eat the right meals since you’ll have it all ready ahead of time. When you wing a diet, you’ll probably find yourself at a local fast-food restaurant sooner than you think or just eating–whatever sounds good versus what makes sense for a well-rounded day. To learn how to be more mindful as you eat, go here.

Skipping Out on Weightlifting

A common misconception about losing weight is that you must do a ton of cardio to shed those pounds. However, weightlifting is just as crucial to slimming down as doing cardio. Lifting weights will allow you to build muscle, burn fat, and continue to burn calories after your workout. A well-balanced workout routine is the key to success. Since Covid, I’ve been doing a wonderful online work out. Now, I’m totally addicted to working out at home.

Being Unrealistic

As you start on this journey, you might want to be on the fast track but truth is, lasting weight loss happens quite slowly. As you adjust your expectations to losing a pound a week or losing inches instead, this will help you from becoming disappointed and giving up. With unrealistic expectations, you might also grow impatient if you aren’t getting the results you were hoping for right away. Focus on yourself and the good positive feelings you have from knowing you are making progress, and come to terms with the fact it might take a while to reach your goals.

Not Sticking with It

Once you do reach your weight loss goal, it’s important not to go back to old habits—you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made. Only five percent of people lose five-fifteen pounds and keep them off for a year afterwards. If you avoid some of these mistakes, and most importantly, change your mindset and become more mindful, you will be well on your way to greater health and vibrancy for your next chapter.