5 Real Lifestyle Changes To Protect the Environment

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5 Real Lifestyle Changes To Protect the Environment

5 Real Lifestyle Changes To Protect the Environment

It’s finally sinking in: you really can save the planet in small ways every day. With all the talk these days about climate change, it’s really inspiring me to take a closer look at small ways I can improve my energy footprint on the planet making it better for everyone. Maybe you’re thinking this way, too, and you’ve gotten greener by bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, recycling, and shopping locally. Ready to take it to the next level? Try making some of these additional lifestyle changes to protect the environment.

Try a Vegan Diet

Can you believe that researchers have found that cutting dairy and meat from your diet could be the single biggest way to reduce your carbon footprint? Wow. Cheese alone is an enormous carbon emissions offender. If you would rather commit to just reducing your red meat, you’ll still be making a real impact, reducing greenhouse emissions and improving your heart health.

Reduce Energy Use

If you’re already turning off the water while you brush your teeth, that’s awesome but keep going! Every small thing we do adds up. You can replace your light bulbs with energy-saving varieties, unplug appliances when they’re not in use, and learn about technology that can make your home efficient from the ground up, such as structural insulated paneling and solar power to run most of your home.

Buy Second Hand

It’s easy to just buy something new when you think you “need or want” it, but by buying what’s already at the thrift store, you may have never thought of this but you will actually cut down on waste at landfills as well as on the energy used in production and the pollution emitted. With online resources, it’s never been easier to find and give away items locally. Or, you can sell them or buy them on second hand sites like Posh Mark. Better yet, before you give up and toss something because it’s broken, you might want to try to fix it.

Give the Car a Break

Giving your car a break doesn’t mean you should sell your car if that’s not practical. But you can consider parking it as much as possible as you explore alternative ways to get around. You can walk, bicycle, or use public transportation more often (well, maybe after Covid.) It starts with allowing for more time to get places. On a nice sunny day, it soon may become a part of your daily routine that you look forward to!

Share Your Thoughts and Practices

We’re playing catchup when it comes to the environment, so share what you’ve learned. Write a blog or use social media to detail how others can save energy and live sustainably. Speak up at gatherings for work, schools, and your community about more recycling efforts, new initiatives, and increased involvement. Community support means everything to change.

You’ve already learned not to sweat the small stuff, but living mindfully also means being aware of the big stuff. Trying to save the Earth is a daunting challenge, but you’re not alone. Make each day meaningful by directing your passion toward living responsibly and sustainably. It takes real lifestyle changes to protect the environment, and you’re a vibrant part of the solution.