5 Ways Women Can Increase Their Confidence

5 Ways Women Can Increase Their Confidence Blog
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5 Ways Women Can Increase Their Confidence

A strong level of confidence is essential to sustain a positive attitude. There’s a thin border between what is confidence versus conceited, and if you’re at all concerned about tipping over into what may appear to be conceited over-confidence, then you probably are not one prone to being hubris.

There are many ways that women may find their self-esteem in jeopardy, at times. If you’re experiencing loss or a time of change and transition you may feel extra vulnerable and insecure.

It’s these times it doesn’t hurt to boost your self-esteem. And you may need some inspiration to remind you of the ways women can increase their confidence. You don’t need to feel alone as you build yourself back up—just practice these essential mindsets.

Say an Easy Thank-you & Avoid Over-Apologizing

For some of us, “sorry” has become a form of punctuation, and shrugging off a compliment has become normal too. While apologizing does have its time and place, you don’t need to say sorry after every request or statement. You can recognize that what you say has a purpose in every conversation. At first, it may be challenging to change the habit of adding “sorry” to the ends or beginnings of your sentences. It may also challenge you to accept and receive compliments with as simple, “thank you.” However, the more you become aware that you have an apologetic tone to your responses, the easier it gets! Don’t ever stop apologizing for mistakes or hurt feelings that you feel responsible for—simply save your apologies for when you really mean it. You do not need to apologize for being yourself, and it really is okay for you to shine.

Try Something New

Starting anything new can be daunting but can really increase feelings of purpose. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a class in photography or video editing—or maybe painting and design, or you’d like to learn a new language. Now is a great time to make time to try something new. Jump in and you will get fully engaged and learn new skills and forms of expression that will ignite positive good feelings. Besides, your brain will naturally feel inspired by being challenged. You will feel like you are expanding in ways you’ve put on hold and that always feels positive. If you are afraid of failure, remember the only failure is not trying! Your self-confidence will soar as you embark on something new.

Like many people, you may be asking, What Now? If you’re in a place where you are truly curious about how you can rediscover and rekindle your passion, go here to learn more.

Exercise More & Love Your Body

Having “body positivity” isn’t just a trend or an empty phrase. Learning to love your body will skyrocket your confidence. The practice of mindfulness is a wonderful way to incorporate self compassion into your self-love equation. You may wish to look at our happiness training mindfulness course with Dr. Shauna Shapiro, best selling author of Good Morning, I love you.

Recently, I joined an exercise class @cassclassfitness on IG—and I was a bit intimidated working out with a younger crowd. But, Cass’s mom does it, too, and she’s in her late fifties too. I can’t tell you how much it’s done for my feelings of body love to get fit with a bunch of thirty-somethings. One thing I’ve always done is to reward myself with some new shirt or outfit or a piece of sexy lingerie when I reach my fitness goals.

Add A New Piece To Your Wardrobe

I hate to admit it, but I love the boost I get with something new, and I enjoy being fashion forward. There are plenty of ways to seek out trendy clothing and find your favorite style or that piece to add to your wardrobe that gives you that boost of a positive reward. Picking out clothes that make you look and feel exceptional is a wonderful way women can increase their confidence during a period of uncertainty.

Dress Up and Get Out

Experiencing a dip in body confidence during this pandemic is not unusual at all, especially if you’re working from home. Working remotely may give you an excuse to wear comfy yoga and loungewear while working, but it also gives you fewer excuses to dress up. To avoid getting in a fashion rut, schedule a day each week to dress up a bit to increase your confidence. Wear a new blouse, do your hair and put a little makeup on. Take some selfies in great lighting. You’ll feel better just making the effort! Dress to impress yourself! You are your own most important audience member, after all.

There are lots of ways that our self-confidence can take a dive—so I hope this article inspires you to boost your self-care and your self-love—to live your most vibrant life. If you’d like to learn more, listen to my podcast series: Confidence & Clarity.