Bliss! How to follow it

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Bliss! How to follow it

There’s only one question we need to ask ourselves every moment: What is the most exciting thing I could be doing right now?  That delicious idea of excitement is your switch into action. It’s there to remind you to follow your bliss.

When you’re feeling excited about something—aren’t you just lit up?

I know so many people that are struggling to allow change to happen because they are afraid to lose their sense of security. Opportunities may knock, and if you have fear, you won’t open the door. You’ll just keep it closed like a person who won’t leave the house for fear of something bad happening. You may say to yourself, “If I can control my environment, nothing bad will ever happen to me.” But that’s not even true, is it?

So, think about it. What can you be excited about today? Start small.

Every day I wake up feeling the childlike excitement of Christmas morning. I’m simply feeling happy at my first sips of coffee. Then I turn to what I love—and that’s writing for you.  I ask to be the instrument of light and love—I ask what can come through me to inspire you.

I’ll share a bit about what I’m most excited about. The first thing is that I’m finishing the last edits on From Heartbreak to Wholeness: the hero’s journey to joy. You can find it on Amazon now for Pre-order! Now that I’m done writing, my time has opened up for other entrepreneurial endeavors. I love building things—books, programs, retreats and side businesses. I’m always primed for an opportunity and I know the right one when I see it, because I feel the excitement. That becomes my gauge—how do I most want to play today? This is how I know I am following my bliss!

One thing you might not know about me is that I’ve always wanted to be in on the ground floor for a big business opportunity. I recently made my way to Las Vegas to attend a convention for a company I was checking out. There is a really great opportunity to create a platform and organization of team leaders with this company and I needed to see for myself that

1. They are as committed as I would be, and

2. I would feel excited about the opportunity presented.

Bliss ia in alignment with self-care is the new health care

Well, I’m excited to say, both are 100 percent true. The company is gold and the opportunity is golden. I’m super excited to participate and grow a team with them. If you happen to be looking for something to be excited about and are interested in hearing more about how “self-care is the new health care,” please contact me here, and I’ll be happy to chat with you about this unique opportunity.

Here’s the heart of my message today: If you can find the smallest thing to feel enthusiasm about, that feeling will grow into boundless joy, and may even bring you closer to the opportunity of a lifetime, equaling following your bliss.

When you pay attention to what excites you and take action, it will ignite your passion, inspire your purpose and allow the universe to open doors. Just take baby steps and move with those bubbly, excited feelings that guide you to your most vibrant life.