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Bouncing back to HAPPY

If you watch children, you’ll see them experience a range of emotions, seemingly bouncing like a ball—within mere moments they experience sadness, frustration, confusion, and even rage, then return to a mental state of peace and contentment before starting the cycle again. Note, like clockwork, children always return to a state of happiness, as if it’s their emotional baseline. This pattern proves something Richard and I have said for a long time: happiness is our natural state.

So, if we’re built to be happy, what is it that keeps adults from being able to bounce back to contentment more quickly like children do?

The answer is in understanding the difference between mental dynamics and habits we practice. It’s about building our level of awareness of those dynamics in order to achieve happiness and get back to that natural state of mental health and well being.

There are five principles to master in understanding your mental health and well-being that are taught in Richard’s early book: You Can Be Happy No Matter What. These five principles are woven throughout the Don’t Sweat the Small stuff series and show you how to practice life in a way that helps you, when you’re off your mark, to bounce back to your happy place:

  1. Thought: how your thoughts determine the experience you will have.
  2. Moods: everyone has them and they go up and down all the time.
  3. Feelings: are a great navigational guide to understanding where your thoughts are taking you.
  4. Separate Realities: each person views the world through their own unique lens and filter.
  5. Present Moment Living: the essence of living mindfully.

As you deepen your understanding of these principles and practice mastering them in your daily life, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of mental health. Soon, you’ll notice an increased ability to live mindfully at your peak mental health and well being. As you gain a better grasp on these principles, you will learn how to navigate adversity and course correct more quickly, bouncing like a child back to a happy state of mind more easily—living your most vibrant life.

I recently released an episode of my new video series Don’t Sweat it, Live Happy! on this very topic. Check it out!

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