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Celebrate What’s Right

One of the great strategies for maintaining resiliency is to shift the focus and attention off what’s going wrong and instead focus on what’s going right.

This strategy can elevate anyone from a place of despair and hopelessness to a feeling of optimism—which naturally makes it easier to bounce back from setbacks and engage the higher energy of hope.

Hopeless is helpless while hopeful is helpful.

In these times when so many are heartbroken for so many reasons, including what’s going on in the polarizing political arena, it’s important to recognize that for many of us, life hasn’t changed. What’s changed is our level of engagement in our beliefs.

I know that my engagement is up 100 percent as CNN and Fox news are what I’m watching from 6-8pm. I am more aware of politics and government in ways that I have previously been a bit asleep. For this, I thank President Trump and I celebrate an increasingly profound shift in the American culture from apathy to one of engagement.

Yes, we can! And, yes, America is great! Let’s not forget why and what America stands for—FREEDOM!

As the world watches us rise to action for our beliefs and values, I’m more proud to be an American than I’ve ever been. . Both sides are showing passion for their values. I’ve found myself applying this strategy of resilience and looking for what’s right, and my feelings of hopelessness are dissolving into the fullness of hope.

This heightened engagement is something to celebrate!

Transformational leaders are looking for ways to end the polarization that’s happening—to come together as a force of love and light. The way to do this is to realize that everything serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things—and to live with the belief that there are no accidents.

What if the anger of the American people is rising to be heard because “the American dream” is shifting into one of greater consciousness. A new dream is coming and one that includes more belonging and more bliss.

It is in the stirring of the Kali Ma, the divine feminine energy of the creator and destroyer, that brings the darkness into light.

President Trump and his newly appointed cabinet are stirring the pot, and if we look back, so did President Obama. It is, in fact their job, to do so. And while change can be painful, we must remember that much of our suffering is optional. It’s always how we see things that makes the difference.

What lens are you looking through?

Can you see the passion of the American people, now fully engaged, as something to behold and celebrate? Can you focus on that to keep your hope happening?

When passion is ignited it spreads a wildfire of action—the same can happen in our inner world. You can celebrate these feelings as the change maker emerges and rises within you. It’s a powerful energy like a coiled snake rising.

Passion adds so much fire in the belly and will lead you along the way as you keep acting on what lights you up inside.

Follow your passion and you will feel more purpose and meaning in your step. I am following my passion and continuing to march right into my most vibrant life—and I hope you are inspired to do the same.

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