Come-passion: A Quest for More

Come Passion: A Quest For More blog
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Come-passion: A Quest for More

It seems that as a culture we are on a quest for more of everything. More great experiences, more success and money, and of course, more happiness.

Yet, happiness does not come from more of anything on the outside. Those moments of exhilaration when you purchase that new car… or new sweater… or new anything are only fleeting boosts that you’ve become accustomed to feeling; they become more of an addiction than anything.

Happiness is an inner game. Your inner world affects your outer world. If you are feeling low, your reality is skewed by your low mood, and as it lifts so will your outer life take new form immediately. In our quest for more of everything on the outside what is lost is our inner experience of enough— feeling fulfilled and content with life as it is. Isn’t that what it means to have true abundance? To want what you have instead of having (with neediness) more wanting?

Look to your inner passions to direct you towards deeper engagement with life.

The more happiness and passion you feel on the inside, the more the outside will reflect that back to you as your thoughts and feelings about your circumstances lighten up. If you are feeling in a slump and lacking purpose, you could be lacking feelings of self worth, and this shows up in all aspects of your life and the choices you make. Low self esteem is your ego telling you lies about yourself in a low mood, and you are listening and taking those thoughts on as reality. The ego wants you to feel safe and protected, living in the status quo. It isolates you by comparison to others and uses the voice of the doubter to bring up all the reasons why you are not enough as you are—and why you are not worthy of anything more. Be aware and beware of the ego! Ego can’t scream at you when you are aware and truly engaged in the present moment.

Forgive yourself for falling prey, once again, to that inner voice of viciousness. There’s a softer tune that plays, and it is peaceful and melodic. It hums inside and, every now and then, peeks out and does a happy dance as you sing its song of enthusiasm. It is the song of your true nature and “Indiana Joan or John.” It’s your passion. Come here, my passion, there’s more on the horizon–there’s more to experience. Bend your ear so you can hear!

Listen for the whisper that says: “There’s nothing to do but be who you are. You are enough.”

It may not be your circumstances that really need to change. If something is missing in your life–maybe, it’s you.

Show up and be present!

Make the best of your situation now, and doors and windows will open through inspiration. Spirit loves the present moment, and serendipity will happen to show you your next step. Believe in your dreams! Magic happens in the flow of now. As you invite in more passion and a quest for more compassion, you will be living your most vibrant life yet.

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