Does Your Appetite Reflect Your Life?

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Does Your Appetite Reflect Your Life?

Let’s look at what it means to have a real zest for living. Your zest is behind how much you suppress or invite a robust quality of life to the table of your dreams.

When we’re talking about igniting more passion and joy and having a vibrant life, the inquiry begins here: What’s your appetite like? How’s your sex drive?

It’s not enough to simply survive day to day or sleepwalk through the motions of your life. You have to make a conscious choice to be awake and thrive.

I recently met a woman who just feels lifeless and completely out of touch with her passion and joy. As we spoke I gently reminded her:

“When you decide to have a love affair with your life, your life will nourish your spirit and soul. It will make love to you every day in the joy and bliss you feel at the small things that you’re grateful to witness. It’s all in how you play!”

The Goddess archetype of Aphrodite shows us that a passion and love of life is exuded in the simplest of daily pleasures.

If you’re wondering how to ignite your passion, let’s try going back to the basics to ignite your senses.

Here’s one of simplest pleasures: Do you make every meal a celebratory feast of abundance, or do you grab and go, wolfing your food down without tasting it? How is this like your life?

Here are a few ideas to bring to life your sensory awareness to stimulate more passion and joy:

  1. Make your meals beautiful to look at.
  2. Sit down, and taste them with mouth-watering savory bites.
  3. Allow your senses to be fully alive and present to each bite.
  4. I recommend small bites of dark chocolate melting slowly in your mouth. Strawberries and succulent juicy orange slices or peaches will give you great practice at mindfully enjoying food with pleasure.

Taking in the juicy joy that your taste buds give you with each mouth-watering bite–s l o w l y,–I guarantee that as you relish your delish meals, allowing your senses to come alive, bringing them to a celebratory feeling, you will bring more passion to the rest of your life, as well. You’ll likely feel more sensual too. There’s really no better way to practice gratitude than to slow down, enjoy, and be truly grateful for good tasting, healthy food.

Thanksgiving dinner might be a great place to practice this exercise—believe me, your digestion will thank you and so will the cook who spent all day in the kitchen! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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