Don’t Sweat the Change: Igniting Your “Indiana Joan!”

Don't Sweat the Change

Don’t Sweat the Change: Igniting Your “Indiana Joan!”

newletter_quote_2I was walking along the seashore at sea ranch and pondering my pending 50th birthday. This one really has me thinking deeply about all sorts of questions I have about my future, my body and how to age gracefully. There are so many questions swimming around in my mind.

I know I’ll be going through menopause some time sooner rather than later, but I don’t know much about it and there are many confusing opinions to consider and there’s plenty of research to do. On a humorous note, my fingers found something new on my face: What the heck are these whiskers doing on my chin, and what the bleep is happening to my body? I’m not eating differently or drinking more (although I’m hesitant to give up that evening glass of wine I so enjoy) or exercising less, so where did these additional and very cushy eight pounds come from? My mental clarity isn’t as sharp lately, either. In fact, I feel as though I reside in a bit of a fog and I’m sometimes fatigued and feeling sluggish for no good reason. My nerve and verve (not to mention my sex drive) are not what they use to be – even six months ago. (Hmm… wondering if this is all related somehow to my changing hormones?) I did, however, get a surprising notice in the mail from my doctor that says I’m still fertile at 50! Sounds like a good TV sitcom, but not very practical to my sex life seeing as though I’m an empty-nester Nana! Although not likely, what I don’t want is to be a widow who is a new ‘Mama-Nana!’ I’ve decided to investigate the bio-identical approach to pre-menopause. (That means using no synthetic hormones for birth control and we know that also means-inconvenience! Need I say more about that?)

As I question all things that were of my previous life, I’m diving into unknown territory and I notice there’s some anxiety present in this anticipation of these coming years because I know I am in a middle place. I define the middle place as a metaphorical canyon that requires me to navigate the unknown valley (a place where there is a distance to travel to, but no real path to get there) in surrender and trust to get to the other side. The fear I’m feeling in anticipation actually tells me I’m asking the right questions and I’m on the right track, so I lean in. I will trek into the abyss of the valley floor. This time as I trek, life has not chosen for me, but I go instead by choice. This time I am awake and I am conscious; I know this space of unknown to be a place of vast creativity and a place to birth something new. As I align my mind, body and spirit there is a well-lit path waiting to be revealed, and I’ll find my way out of the valley and soon be climbing to the crest with grace and ease. (I’m always checking in with myself and working on the alignment part.)

What I know for sure is that the answers to these questions I have will be clearer as I open up to exploring the unknown.

My questions in the emotional realm are of equal value to me as the physical, and it feels like at this stage I am renegotiating all aspects of life. Is my lifestyle sustainable with the amount of income I generate as well as from my portfolio? (In other words, do I have enough money?) I’m wondering about the undiscovered areas of who I am. I want to uncover and recover those passions I’ve inadvertently and unconsciously left behind some place in another far-off life; a life I had before living the American dream fully and completely, and which somehow doesn’t feel fulfilled. (Guess that means there’s more to live!) I want to reignite my passions and be empowered for the next 50 years with meaning and purpose that stems from sharing my gifts. Instead of asking what’s next, my biggest question of all, right now, is how can I best serve?

I invite you to ignite your explorer and your ‘Indiana Joan’ on a real passion quest adventure with me in these upcoming months. You don’t have to be growing hairs on your chin to join us. At all ages we experience these big questions and big changes, and we’re all constantly beginning new chapters in all the stages of our lives. We have some new territory to traverse whenever we go through change and transition. I ask you to beckon your spiritual warrior forward to choose this time, like me, to rediscover the passion and those parts of yourself that you left behind to live the life that you have now. Those passions that you rediscover, and those newfound parts of you, will power you forward into a life of purpose and fulfillment.

newletter_quote_3Alright, so we’re navigating a lot of middle places in our physical bodies and our spiritual lives as well as gaining perspective about life as it is now. This is a new chapter. Whether you are going through the big change or some other thing, don’t sweat it! You can view this time not as a crisis, but as a rebirth. Change is exciting and igniting when you embrace it, welcome it, and realize it’s all just part of the feminine journey. We’re going to make this next stage a celebration and we’ll do it in circle and sisterhood. I invite you to dive into a deeper conversation with me, one-spiritual passion quest at a time, one hour a month. In our fist call, November 21 at 6pm (PST) we will be talking about all the ways we can ignite and rediscover our passion and our “Indiana Joan.” Please join me and Debbie Philips (founder of Women on Fire) as we engage in a deeper conversation about what it means to reinvent your life from where you are now. Learn about how to go on a passion quest making this next stage a wonderful adventure.