Don’t Take My Low Mood Personally

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Don’t Take My Low Mood Personally

Last night, I was slumped in front of a T.V. show—an old episode of Law & Order that really had me hooked. My daughter walked in to talk with me, and I wasn’t listening very well because I was distracted by the T.V. Moreover, I was also in a mood–a low one. I was super tired; I just wasn’t being all that present. Something, apparently, was going on for her and she stormed out feeling dejected.

I waited a few minutes, thought about it, and texted her from the couch. I chose this route to avoid any potential drama rather than actually being too lazy to get off the couch.

I messaged her: “I’m sorry. Please don’t take my low mood personally. It has nothing to do with you. I apologize for not being present with you.”

Sometimes, that’s the best we can do with those we live with is simply acknowledge that we just aren’t in the place to engage when we are low and tired.

I’m most always fresh and happy when I wake up in the morning, but I can be a bit anti-social in the evenings. That’s my rhythm and anyone who knows me well knows that about me. It’s like I’m two different people from morning until night, and I’ve learned that calling it out or creating a little space when I’m low is my best strategy for not participating in an argument or unnecessary drama.

Here’s the truth: Any person in a low mood is not the same person in a higher one. We just aren’t.

Instead of taking your partner, friend, roommate, mom, or daughter personally, just walk away and give them some space when you realize they are low. Check in later to see if they are feeling better instead of making a big deal out of a mood that goes up and down like the weather. What goes up comes back down and goes back up again.

When you can stop taking low moods as a personal attack, and offer some compassion instead, you are on your way to transforming your relationships and living unaffected by the moods of those people around you as well as taking your own low mood too seriously. As you practice, you are on your way to living your most vibrant life–and your moods won’t matter much.

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