Embrace Change, Life is Unfolding

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Embrace Change, Life is Unfolding

It’s natural to feel fear during transition and change. It feels a little like sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon and looking across thinking, “I want to go there, but how the heck am I going to make that leap?”

There’s a chasm—a void you enter during change.

The unknown is vast and open—it can create a world of fear or a world of possibility.

It presents you with an opportunity to rediscover passion and joy.

What if you woke up every day without a clue of what the day was going to hold but were ready to embrace all that comes your way with a subtle feeling of eager anticipation?

This is how to allow every day to unfold and “be in the flow.”

This is how the ordinary becomes extraordinary and life feels magical because you attract all that you need for the masterpiece painting that is your life.

Each day represents a new blank canvas — your movements and actions are the brush strokes of colors that make art of your life

Waking up each day gives us the opportunity to begin anew but we have to bring ourselves to that experience and turn what could just be another ordinary day into something that holds the adventure of the unknown—the power of creativity, the power of change . . .

We spend so much of our energy trying to control the outcome of our plans, but there is a better design that isn’t linear but is more fluid. Often, it is our plans that are limiting to our experience.

This is not to say that structure isn’t important and calendar dates and goals don’t matter.

It’s the holding on too tightly to expectations and outcomes that keeps us from the unfolding that happens naturally as you let go and get into the flow.

What if you could do your best and let go of the rest?

Meet your calendar with present moment living (that’s a principle of happiness in You Can Be Happy No Matter What by Dr. Richard Carlson). Allow yourself to anticipate every conversation and appointment with the element of surprise knowing that magic will transpire through your connections. The same is true for all your daily activities and all the change happening in your life: What will you see if your eyes are wide open with possibility?

Yesterday, I had the most magical podcast interview with Bob Roth who is a renowned leader in the TM movement (Transcendental Meditation) and author of the book, Transcendental Meditation. I asked my local TM teacher to appear as a guest on my podcast and she happened to be in India at the time, but she introduced me to Bob.

As I read through Bob’s bio, I realized I was about to talk to the #1 expert in the TM organization. I sat down, took a deep breath in eager anticipation, and hung on every word of research, science and experience he shared so graciously. I cannot wait to share the conversation with you in my Meditation and Mindfulness series in week 4 of the series. This interview will air on Monday, October 17th and you can find all the details here!

As you allow life to unfold presently, you will awaken to greater joy and live your most vibrant life, no longer fearing change and life transitions..

life, change, transition, life changes, fear, fear change