Enjoy Some Hobbies for Reducing Anxiety

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Enjoy Some Hobbies for Reducing Anxiety

Relieving anxiety and stress is incredibly important for our wellbeing. What’s as important is finding healthy ways to relieve that anxiety and stress. One of the best ways to reduce anxiety is by taking up a hobby. If you already have one but have not been giving it much attention lately, you may wish to do so. There are many hobbies that are perfect for relieving stress. For a list of hobbies for reducing anxiety, read below.


Writing is a wonderful way to express and release pent-up emotion. Some cognitive therapies that help combat anxiety begin heavily with journaling. Many people have found journaling to be very therapeutic. Poetry is a great way to get your feelings out and turn them into something beautifully expressed. Also, creative writing can become a great outlet which offers a great escape from daily concerns. Journaling uncensored brings forward so much wisdom. And, maybe you’ll discover like I did that writing can turn into a career. If you have a story you’d like to share and a calling for sharing it, you may wish to look at our book writing courses here.


Another wonderful hobby that can set your mind at ease is the many categories of crafting. Crafting includes sewing, knitting, decorating, model building, and more. These kinds of projects are something fun and new for your mind to explore. Even if you’re new to a hobby, don’t be intimidated. There are tons of great, simple projects to get into crafting you can begin, grow and improve with—and when you improve, or even master a craft, there are more complex ones waiting. Crafting can allow you to practice a calming technique known as mindfulness, which allows you to focus on what you’re doing and be in the moment.

Explore Different Kinds of Art

Painting, drawing, and sculpting can be great hobbies for reducing anxiety. Each of these forms of art requires you to engage your mind. They’ve also been proven to reduce issues like depression, mood disturbances, and anxiety. There are many fun ways to explore these three mediums. If you want, try out all three. If you have an artistic mind, you’ll find enjoyment in at least one, if not. Similar to writing, painting, drawing, and sculpting let you release and process your emotions.

Writing, Playing, and Listening to Music

Music is an amazing outlet for the mind. Playing music is an incredible skill. Even if you’re just beginning, taking the time and effort to grow your musical abilities is a great, healthy way to occupy the mind. It will also make you happier and give you a feeling of accomplishment to see your ability increase. Writing music takes this hobby even further. This is another creative means to unleash your emotions through freedom of expression. Listening and dancing to some of your favorite music is also great for mental health, since it can sooth you and elevate your mood.