Expect Nothing to Have Everything

I'm a Don't Sweat Mom

Expect Nothing to Have Everything

Woman Happy DayLife is rarely what we expect it to be. Sometimes, it’s better than we expect. Other times, it just is as it is.

Set your expectations to zero, show up at 110% every day, and your positive attitude will drive your 110% experience of life.

Moreover, you won’t be depleting precious mental energy by beating yourself and others up because you’re disappointed and angry at not having your expectations met.

Having low expectations does not mean that you don’t “go for it,” establish goals, or have visionary dreams. Setting your expectations to zero means that you are able to minimize your emotional setbacks that deplete and drain your vision of valuable energy. When you’re able to accept the outcome as it is, then you can rise from any fall, thus increasing your personal power of resiliency to move forward more quickly. When you give it your best shot and you miss, it’s not seen as a failure. Instead, it’s just another opportunity to step up to the plate and do it better next time.

When your child tries out for an activity and doesn’t make the “A” list, then you encourage him or her by saying: “It’s ok. Practice some more; enjoy what you are doing, and try, try, try again.” Life as an adult is no different.The game of life is like a sport; it takes practice. And the practice here is giving it your very best shot and accepting the end result without engaging in negative thoughts that lead you to feeling low. On playing fields, this is called good sportsmanship. In life, it’s called having a winning attitude.

Expect nothing and you’ll have everything. Strive every moment you’re alive to bring an attitude of excellence and integrity to your actions and words, and the end result will reflect the brilliance you bring.

You will find that if you can go with the flow then it’s far easier to be in the flow.

And staying in the flow has everything to do with accepting life as it is and moving forward with the current. Once in the flow, you’ll find your groove and magic happens.

Whether you have them of your kids, your spouse, your co-workers, or yourself, high expectations and preferences set you up for disenchantment on all scales. If you set your expectations to zero, then everyone around you wins—especially you. You stop chasing the dream of wanting to have more and begin to see that wanting what you have presently is having true abundance. Living in the dream of your life as it is right now with true feelings of satisfaction, giving it all you’ve got every day, and accepting that you and everyone around you is doing the best they can do is being content with life, and inner peace is the foundation of happiness.